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Hi, I'm tierfal. This journal is, with occasional exceptions, friends-locked. Or, if you prefer:

If you'd like to be my pal, comment to this entry and let me know who you are, what you like, and why you're cool. :D (First, take a glance at my fake profile to find out who I am, what I like, and why I'm so totally not. XD)

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In a way, it's kind of funny, because I've been sitting at 999 entries on this LJ for several years… So here's number 1,000, which is the one where I'm finally jumping ship.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the ToS scare unfolding around these parts, and I am way too protective of the hundreds of thousands of words of Gays that I've shared here to risk seeing ten years of history get deleted without a trace, so – Dreamwidth it is! Same username and stuff over there.  Probably won't be posting any more over there than I have here, but will definitely be archiving like a mofo. tierfallen is coming, too, of course; that's most of the point.

In any case, I've been meaning to make a post like this for a very, very long time, because occasionally someone contacts me here, and I'm too much failsauce incarnate to respond, and it's all bad news. >____<  Here are the places where I'm much more active!

  • Instagram – not-Tierfal because someone stole my handle(?? wtf) (Instagram, for all of its hipster rep, gives me the closest to the LJ feeling of any site I've been on in ages; the combination of fandom stuff and peeks at people's real lives is almost comparable… that said, I primarily use mine for cosplay miscellanea)

  • Tumblr – tierfal (mostly fanart and fic-related stuff, because you mustn't have Opinions on Tumblr unless you want to get yelled at)

  • Twitter – tierfal (here I periodically complain and make jokes that I think are very funny; occasionally I howl about fanfic)

  • Facebook – Tierfal Jellyfish is my largely-public cosplay account; I don't share a whole lot, but I do check it regularly.  Shoot me a message in any of these places if you'd like my personal FB (where I also don't share a whole lot XD)!

If I don't friend/follow you back in any of those spots, it's not because I don't like you; it's because I don't know who you are. X'D  Just drop me a line to let me know!

Anyway… hope you're all well.  Miss you guys; miss the sense of community; miss the way trust and camaraderie worked here; wish the internet hadn't evolved the way it did.  The very brief rundown on me is that I'm still just sort of writing feverishly all the time, only now I also hurl myself at cosplay at inadvisable speeds as another desperate form of survivalist escapism. :D  Gosh, adulthood blows!  Oh, well.

…I no longer remember how I used to use any of my tags, so I'm just going to leave this post naked. :x
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So… eltea and I were having a pretty good time with Supernatural Season 6 until it ended in a giant pile of RADIOACTIVE SUCK. S7 isn't streaming on Neflix, so it'd be more difficult for us to find, and we're not terribly impressed by the sound of it.


Poll #1857678 To 7, or Not to 7?

Is it worth tracking down and watching SPN Season 7?

Yes! It's much better than it sounds from the basic plot summary.
Probably! It's not their best work, but it's enjoyable.
Maybe? It has its moments, but overall it's kind of meh.
No! It's frustratingly mediocre compared to the quality of earlier seasons.
Season 7 and I are in an "It's complicated" relationship on Facebook, so I will explain my feelings in a comment.

I will, uh, actually post about my life and stuff sometime later this week.

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I have to say, though, crow tastes WAY better than I expected.

Today I'd just like to share a little experience relating to a disease I have called FOOT-IN-MOUTH SYNDROME.

…what do you mean is it FMA of course it's FMA. But it sort of applies to fandom in general; the same thing happened to me in Death Note once upon a time, which is why I should NEVER have been stupid enough to talk like this in the first place. XD

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And now, back to writing crackfic and lamenting/enjoying the sheer ludicrousness of my existence. XD''