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Why do I even title these?

There is no point to the titles.

I should definitely put a secret message into them, but I don't. I'll work on that one. D:

Welcome to my new friend miaoshou!! :D

We will not speak of how much I have fangirled his fics in various entries, for it might become embarrassing for all involved. >_>

I have forty-eight reviews in my Inbox!

And one PM!

What fun! XD

More TEIN today, and I will also probably spam some more drabbles. You know you love it. Unless you don't. Which is also perfectly understandable. I really do update too fast; it's a disease. XD Hopefully I'll slow down a little now that school's starting again... tomorrow. I have to go back in like an hour. DO NOT WAAAANNNTTT. ;_____;

*soul dies*

More uselessness/whining/bitching/moaning/ranting will probably ensue. XD

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