Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C

o look me again

Ficspam for you.

More TEIN.

Dear Mello, which is the going-to-be-Mello/Near fic that Matt hijacked, hotwired, and drove away. (At the comm.)

Window, Tree, in which Light and Sayu act like siblings, and Tierfal inexplicably lapses briefly into het. (At the comm.)

But the next one is the important one. ;) It's sabriel75's birthday drabble, and it's another *tierfallen exclusive*, which is mostly just the case because... well, because I've been spamming you all enough as is without adding drabbles to The Margins that stand better alone anyway, and I'm lazy. XD

So this is Fidgeting, which is L/Light with to the prompt "Don't squirm."

*waggles eyebrows*

Now I really should do some homework, since almost all of my professors threaten reading quizzes, the dastardly folk. o_o

Tags: fanfiction update
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