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Yes, Christmas is finally over, because I finally said so. XD

For eltea:
Red Skinny Jeans
Death Note - Matt/Mello - T - prompt: "Christmas Eve" and "pillow fight" - 9,400 words by my count; 11,000 by theirs XD
I'm really not that hard to get along with. Listening to Matt talk, you'd think was a fucking diva or something.
Christmassy: a little in its context. And New Years-y, because I thought I might have it done by then. XD
Extras: Rock and Roll All Nite, and A Little Less Conversation. Oh, yes.

I'll have it up at the comm later, when I don't have a crapload of homework to do. XD LJ, reviews, TEIN, and now this devoured my day. XD


**EDIT** Shiny comm link! was better than reading Milton, which is what I'm trying to do now. XD

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