Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C

Magic Number?

It has been THREE days since I updated.  THREE.  *holds up three fingers*

This is trinity-three, Greek myth-three, magic triangle-three.  Deathly Hallows Sucky book that doesn't exist and has an incidental side plot that doesn't make sense-three.

Anyway, crap has changed since three days ago, as is to be expected.  First of all, Daylight Savings Time has F-ed me up like whoa.  Second of all, eltea and I quit the lamity-lame RP we were working on, and now we feel free as fluttery birds.  Third of all, we had a dress rehearsal last night, at which I discovered (barring the potentiality that the one I missed was like amazingness squared) that our piece is definitely the best of them.  And it makes me happy. :D

'Nother dress rehearsal tonight.  And then 'nother rehearsal on Wednesday.  And then we open.  Yipes.  Yipesity yipes yipes.

Also, I may have another fliering adventure tomorrow.  Stay tuned.
Tags: randomness, school

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