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Why am I even posting?


I decided today that if I ever go to a convention (and if eltea and I for some reason do not enact our plan of having one of us ask groups of cosplayers if we can take their picture while the other stands behind them and raises a sign that reads "You just lost the game"), I want to cosplay Watari. Like. Get a black trenchcoat and a fedora. Because it would be effing awesome. XD

This is the only cosplay I fully condone! XD ...that and the one with the girl dressed up as the notebook. That was frigging brilliant. XD

...why is she still typing? XD

Umm, I actually did all my homework yesterday. And passed out for a half-hour nap, because my eyes were hurting from staying open for so long. Wtf is this? XD

richelle2972's highly-belated birthday fic is now 18,600 words and still not finished. XD

We will not even speak of all the other things I need and have promised to write. >_>

...which I will obviously not be working on in class or anything. >D

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