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I should not waste my time and yours by posting this!

...too late.

Today, my Theater 25 T.A. gave us Valentine's Day candy in discussion section. I now have a heart-shaped lollipop and some Sweettarts. YOU ROCK MY WORLD, JASMINE. ♥

...the way to a Tierfal's heart is through her sweet tooth. :P

Other than that, I mostly effed around adding to that Bunny of Doom, of which the working title is "Far." eltea liked the first one-and-three-quarters chapters the other day, so iz lookin' good. But I think what I wrote today is kind of sucky. Sad panda. Prospective-editor panda. XD

I have virtually no idea what to do with the brigits_flame prompt. NOES!!!!eleven O_O

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