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(Or, "Beware Overuse of Emoticons.")


Opening night was smashingly good, and although people laughed more at things I didn't expect and less at things I thought they would, IT DON'T MATTER NONE, because we were FANTASTIC.  I honestly don't think anyone dropped a single cue; it was amazing.  Though people kept laughing at the stuff the guys were doing while I was trying to make my speeches.  Which is the point, but which nonetheless drowned me out.  Then again, what I'm saying isn't remotely important, so much as the fact that I'm saying it, sooooo....


I fled early so I wouldn't get roped into cleanup, then realized I'd left my jacket and had to run back.  And the director was like THERE YOU ARE and gave me literally the biggest hug of my life.  He lifted me AND my overflowing backpack like waaaaaay into the air.  I thought he was going to fall over.  XD

He was a little drunk, as was... practically everybody.  :D  Only not me, 'cause I'm a good kid.  *nods*  There were like five people who hadn't touched anything, probably.  WELCOME TO COLLEGE, KEEDS.

A few minutes later I realized he'd already left me a really nice message like "I hope you didn't run off already, because you were WONDERFUL," and then was stupid and automatically pressed 7, which deletes such messages.

But now it is recorded here. :D :D :D :D


You really have no idea how happy I am right now.  Even though I utterly haven't read Mrs. Dalloway for my class tomorrow.



I should probably sleep sometime.  Maybe.  There's a remote chance of that happening.  :P
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