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I read the graffiti in the bathroom stall / Like the Holy Scriptures of the shopping mall...

As far as the title goes, "Jesus of Suburbia" by Green Day is one of the greatest songs... ever. imho. *___*

Today, I took cell-phone camera abuse to an all-new low.

Please follow the cut for a reflection on the types of people who write on the walls in bathroom stalls. :P

Sadly, I was foolish and didn't get a picture of the one where the girl told her friends to write back in a poorly-rhyming couplet.

And they did. O_o

This one I actually saw in a different building in November or something -- but it was right before a Shakespeare midterm I was really worried about, and it made me feel waaaaay better. XD Sometimes those signs from the Universe pop up right when you need them, in unexpected places. ;)

Now begins today's haul, which was all in one stall. I kid you not. This isn't even all of it; just the good ones. XD

One of the valedictorians at my high school (the other is, uh, my roommate :P) went to Harvard. Both of those girls were editors on the school newspaper, club leaders, a year ahead in math -- you name it.

A few weeks before everyone left for school, the boy the girl going to Harvard had been dating crashed his car up in the hills and died.

She took a break for a while after a semester or something, and the second she slowed down, she realized that she'd just been keeping busy to keep busy, and that it wasn't working anymore.

She's doing a lot better now, from what I hear. :)

Dear writer of the next piece: TRY FANFICTION; IT WORKS! 8D

Predictable. And... a creative speller, or is that a joke I'm not getting? :P

Hey, next graffiti artist -- you never know where you'll get your next life lesson...! XD

*shrug* I liked it. XD

...I remember:

The next Salvador Dali, y/n?

And now... the triumphs:

And it would NEVER be complete without...

I want to shake that girl's hand. XD

I hope you were englightened. :D Thursday, I'm going to try a different stall. XD

And now I really do need to go write that brigits_flame piece, oh, snap. XD

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