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Hai Guys!

So I should be starting my Milton essay... LAST WEEK..., but after being really freaked out all morning, I glanced at the prompts again and remembered how much poetry we read early on before getting to the prose -- and this was back when I was caught up on the reading, *SWEATDROP* -- and I hope/think I can actually handle it. XD

And by "handle it," I mean "not be able to panic and get started until nine this evening, because I suck at life, and by 'life' I mean 'higher education.'"

I, my friends, am a HACK. But I make it damn sexy.


WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. It will blow your mind. XD

This amused the hell out of me yesterday.

I was tagged by the incarnation of fantastic that is chamyl. :D

1. Write your LJ username
2. Write your two favourite bands/groups at the moment [not overall, just currently]
3. Write either I ♥ k-pop ; I ♥ j-pop ; I ♥ c-pop [this isn't really for anything, just to see how you draw hearts xD]
4. Write the name of your favourite person of all time [e.g. Yamada Ryosuke]
5. Write down your recently favored person [e.g. G-Dragon]
6. Tag 5 people to do this meme.


I'm fond of my handwriting for the fact that it's fast, and I can read it, but... it isn't as pretty as all of you guys', my heavens. XD OMG HANDWRITING INFERIORITY COMPLEX. XD No, it's actually crazy-awesome, though, because when we're writing in cursive or italics, eltea's and my handwritings are virtually indistinguishable. Which means we can... um... combine our powers and summon Captain Planet or something... XD

Also, I wanted to exposition the Writing Notebook O' Magic and Awesome (and save paper! XD), so I had to flip back a ways to find page with space. That stuff at the top is the last few lines of "Fidgeting", if it looks familiar. XD And gives you a very nice underestimation of just how much I cross shit out when I write. XD

ANYWAYS, you can haz chickenscratches. XD

omg rite. XD

I can't draw hearts to save my life, as you can see. :P

Also, I have long since lost count of the times either eltea or I has proposed to the other. 8D

I definitely cross my Zs and my 7s, even though I think that's supposed to be a European thing. XD


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