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Nothing of Any Importance

Although it's debatable that it's EVER anything of any importance. XD

Umm... today when my parents were driving me back to school, I was amused. You know those Jesus fish that people put on the backs of their cars? Yeah. I've seen the Darwin fish with the little feet, but today I saw one that was even better.


(And lulz that's not me taking the picture. XD This is what I look like taking pictures of shit on people's cars.)

Sometimes I enjoy peering at my stats. Ego tripper? ME? NEVAR.

Anyway, I was interested to see that a fair amount of my stories (oneshots, o'course) had the same number of reviews as they did of favorites, which seems odd but apparently statistically isn't. XD

Also, what the hell is so great about "Coffee Break" that it's gotten twenty-four reviews in less than twenty-four hours, and that more than half the people who viewed it reviewed?

That's just weird, you guys. XD

Especially since "Chocolate Always Loves You Back" has four times the words, twice the chapters, three times the editing work (XD), and has been chillin' for two weeks, to a grand total of two more reviews than CB. XD

Anyway... please accept my profuse apologies for my caveman penmanship mediocre handwriting in advance. XD Also, Photobucket makes images smaller because it likes to mess with my head and cause hemorrhaging in my soul.


Plz enjoi Tierfal's Stats Page O' Color-Coded Madness and Chaos.

...I got creative with the pairings. Remus/wordcount may be my new OTP. XD

And Lupin/Tonks gets Special Colors because... well, it's the first pairing that really spoke to me, I think. Draco/Hermione was pick-up-and-go because it seemed like fun, but when eltea started talking me into writing "Harry Potter Must Share the Title with Remus Lupin" (epic rewrite of the second half-ish of Deathly Hallows with a lot more of that thing what's it called logic oh right), I firstly realized who Tonks was and secondly decided that I kinda liked the two of them together. I kinda liked it a lot. 8D

But yes... /lunatic with too much time XD

...I honestly have nothing more important to talk about today. XD

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