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Near May or May Not Approve

The world may never know.

In any case, have a crapload of fic that isn't on, from metamorfic_moon challenges, Ink, my deviantART page, and just me being too lazy to post it anywhere else.


He Knows, Lupin/Tonks, rated G

Nymphadora Tonks Hates Christmas, Lupin/Tonks, rated PG

In Check, Draco/Hermione, rated G

Why I Will Marry Lucius Malfoy If It Kills Me, Lucius/Narcissa, rated G

Porcelain, Draco, rated G

Ophelia, Pansy, rated G

In Blood, Regulus, rated G

Entirely Independently, Draco/Hermione, rated G

Going for Broke, Sirius and Andromeda, rated PG

Linked Together, Draco/Hermione, rated G

A Thousand Tiny Sighs, Narcissa, rated G

Introductions, Draco, rated G

Cornered, Draco, rated PG

Apologies, Remus and Sirius, rated PG-13

Sacrifices, Remus and Sirius, rated PG-13

May 2, 2002, Remus, Sirius, Teddy, rated G

Indisputable, Lupin/Tonks, rated PG

Buyer's Remorse, Lupin/Tonks, rated PG

Running, Lupin/Tonks, rated G

Don't Cha Stop, Remus/Sirius, rated PG-13

Like a Lunatic, Remus/Sirius, rated PG

Slate-Blue, Remus/Sirius, rated G

Saint Sirius, Lupin/Tonks, rated PG-13

A Little Wild, Lupin/Tonks, rated PG

Saturday Night, James/Sirius, rated PG

Instant, Remus, Sirius, James, Peter, rated PG


I Can't, Axel/Roxas, rated PG-13

Pretend, Axel/Roxas, rated PG-13

Shatter, Axel/Roxas, rated PG

Prehistoric Punch, Axel/Roxas, rated PG-13


Not-Knowing, Erik/Samuel, rated G

They Both, Charles/Jay, rated PG

Pretty, Charles/Jay, rated PG-13

Doormat, Charles/Jay, rated PG

Caterpillars (and Butterflies), Josh/Metis, rated G


Unlikely Phenomena, Light/L, rated PG

Fidgeting, Light/L, rated PG-13

Shameless, Matt/Mello, rated PG-13

Easily Entertained, Light/L, rated PG

Inexplicable Occurrences, Mello/girl!Near, rated R

Walked-On, Mello/girl!Matt, rated PG

Valentine's Day 2009 Drabbles, L/ Mello, Matt/Mello, Light/L, Mikami/Misa, Naomi/B, Light/L/Matsuda, rated G to PG-13

Telephones, Matt/Near, rated PG-13

The Taste, Light/L, rated G

Cancer Sticks and Rain, Matt/Mello, rated PG-13

Windfall, L/Mello, rated PG

Concessions and Tea, Matt, Mello, and Near, rated PG

In It, Matt/Near, rated PG

Cues, Mello/Near, rated PG-13

Superfly, Matt/Mello/Near, rated PG

Fair, Mello/Light, rated R

Funny, Kind Of, Matt/Mello, rated PG-13

Almost Perfect, Matt/Mello, rated PG-13

Bananas, Light/L, rated PG

Affirmation, Matt/Mello, rated PG-13

Heaven-Sent Hypocrisy, Light/L, rated PG

Inhumane, Near/Mikami, rated PG

Feverish, Matt/Near, rated G

Give an Inch, Matt/girl!Mello, rated R

Chocolate First, Matt/Mello, rated PG-13

Perverted, L/Light, rated PG

Sidetracked, Mello/Near, rated R

Then Again, Gevanni/Near, rated PG

Pick-Up: 52 One-Sentence Fics, Matt/Mello, Light/L, Mello/Near, etc., rated PG

With and For, Matt/Mello, rated PG

The Point, Light/L, rated PG-13

A Train and a Tangle, Gevanni/Near, rated PG

Firsthand, Light/Mikami, rated PG-13

Loser, Mello/Near, rated G

The Best, Matsuda/Mikami, rated PG

Unhateable, Mello/girl!Matt/girl!Near, rated PG-13

Ice, Mello/Near, rated PG

The Trigger, Matt/Mello, rated PG

Sprinkles, Matt/Mello, rated PG-13

Perilous, L/Light, rated PG

And Now, Matt/Mello, rated G

On a Boat, L/Light, rated PG

Necessary Evils, Matt/Mello/Near, rated G

Starting, Light and Matsuda, rated G

Mocha, No Whip, Ex. Choc Sauce, Matt/Mello, rated PG

All Dials Set to Spin Cycle, Matt, Near, Mello (+ Doctor Who), rated G

Inflammation, L, Light, rated G


The Microfic Meme, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG

Attraxion, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG

Inevitability, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG-13

Venison, Arthur/Merlin (and a smidgeon Morgana/Gwen), rated PG

Generosity, Arthur/Merlin/Will, rated PG-13

Collective Bed of Sin, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG-13

Despite All Evidence to the Contrary, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG

Trench-Coats and Neckerchiefs, Arthur/Merlin (Doctor Who crossover), rated PG-13

Rosemary, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG-13

Wassailing, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG

Labyrinthine, Arthur/Merlin, rated G

The Keeper, Arthur/Merlin, rated G

The Best Morning in Camelot's Long and Illustrious History, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG

Arthur the Explorer, Arthur/Merlin (Dora the Explorer crossover), rated PG-13

Death by Squirrel, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG-13

Inadequacies, girl!Arthur/girl!Merlin, rated PG

The Piast Predicament, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG

It Started at the Frat Party, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG-13

Chain Mail, Arthur/Merlin, rated R

Sweeter Dreams, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG-13

The Powers That Be, Arthur/Merlin, rated PG

Taking the Stairs, Arthur/Merlin, Gwaine/Merlin, rated PG-13


One by One, Ten/Jethro, rated PG-13

All Right, Ten/Jethro, rated PG-13

Where the Heart Is, Ten/Jethro, rated PG

Pieces, Nine/Rose, rated G

Wax, Sarah Jane, rated G

Frost, Ten, Jethro, and Donna, featuring Adrian, rated PG

Ses Yeux, Ten/Rose, rated G

Where Dogs Have No Noses, Ten/Rose, rated G

Deep Down, Martha, rated G

Just Calling, Martha, Ten, rated G

Somebody, Donna, rated G

Sorry, Ten/Rose, rated PG

Meanwhile, at 10 Downing Street, Master/Ten, rated PG-13

Trouble, Ten/Rose, rated PG

Noble and Jones, Martha, Donna, and Ten, rated G

Commonality, Master/Ten and Koschei/Theta, rated G

Deliberately Uncreative, Eleven/Jeff, rated R

Masterminds, Master/Light Yagami, rated PG-13

Silk and Strangulation, Master/Ten, rated PG-13

Red Feathers, Thirteen and River Song, rated PG

Persons of Interest, Master/Three, rated G

Thinking Men, Master/Ten, rated PG

The Worst Ghost, the Master with Koschei/Theta, rated PG

Like Old Times, Master/Ten, rated PG-13

The Puppet Show, Jack/Ten, rated PG-13

To Dive Into the Fire, Master/Ten, rated PG-13

Bumper's Last Stand, Master/Ten, rated PG-13

Give and Take, Eight, Nine, Rose, rated PG

Sanctuary, Master/Ten, rated PG

A Stray Javelin, Jack, rated PG

One's Enough, Jack/Ten, rated R

Syzygy, Master/Ten, Harry Saxon/John Smith, rated PG-13

Once More Unto the Beach, Master, Ten, Matt, Mello, Near, rated PG-13

Prefix, Eleven/Amy/Rory, rated PG


Going Jack, Jack/Ianto, rated PG

Tea with Jack, Jack/Ten/Ianto, rated PG-13

Jack Is, Jack/Ianto, rated PG

Jack of All Trades, Jack/Ianto, rated G

The World in Jack and White, Jack/Ianto, rated PG-13

Irish Cream, Tosh and Ianto, rated G

Being Jack, Jack/Ianto, rated PG-13

When in Wales, Jack/Ianto, rated PG

Jackknife, Jack/Ianto, rated PG


Healthy Debate, America, England, Obama, rated PG


Third Time Lucky, Karofsky/Kurt, rated R

Holy Freaking Shit, Dave, Karofsky, Santana, rated PG-13


An Unexpected Outing, Roy/Hawkeye, rated G

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