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I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be violet sky

Hello, friends.

Smothered under this cut you will find ravings about nu musica, lulzing about the perils of writing fanfiction in class, a bit of Merlin, and presumably a great deal of incoherent rambly shit, per usual; all in the vaguely chronological outline of What I Did Yesterday.

Plus some today, I'm sure. And then a meme I couldn't resist, because I suck at life pretty badly and at homework even worse. Oh, yes.

So... I'm not even making sense to me right now. XD

Yesterday morning, for some reason, I was listening to "This Is How It Goes" by Missy Higgins (incidentally, WOW, that is a frigging phenomenal performance and I would do her in a second) and was inspired to get back into the game with the smutty part of "Far," which I'd been stuck on/avoiding/failing at for well over a week. Probably two at the least.

And I went at it. IN CLASS. >D

Well, it was mostly foreplay, actually, as far as what I got to. And people were kind enough to sit at least one seat away from me, though the guy who was sitting behind me is the type to look over a shoulder and squint to read. XD

And it definitely wasn't nearly as epic as my first class the first day of this semester, when I decided to ignore the perfectly nice, normal, unwitting guy who sat down next to me and wrote the words "I also had the best orgasm I could remember".

Smoked that bitch, yo.

(It's "Red Skinny Jeans", bee-tee-dub.)

Buuuut... yeah. Then when I was home for lunch... Mika happened.

I'd been hoping to track this song down -- they played it before "Sauce for the Goose," the play eltea and I saw Sunday (French aristocratic intrigue; everyone is having an affair with everyone else; hilariously funny). And then I succeeded.


You MUST listen to "Lollipop," first of all. Please utilize this YouTube window at your greatest convenience:

PUMP IT. Too much candy gonna rot your soul, kids.

Surgeon General's Warning: Scientific surveys have concluded that the above musical endeavor may result in compulsive dancing, compulsive bouncing, spontaneous spending to purchase the entire album, and utter inability to get the song out of one's head. EVER.

Please enjoy in a place where no one's going to ridicule my music taste. :P


Also, partake in:
"Love Today," which showcases his incredible three-and-a-half-octave Diva Voice magnificently: Any way you want to, any way you've got to, love, love me
"Grace Kelly," the source of the colorful titles: Do I attract you, do I repulse you, with my queasy smile?
"Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)," FOR TEH DANCEZ: Now, a whole lot of woman needs a whole lot more

...I like his hair.

And his skinny jeans.

My only complaint is that I can't even try to sing along without embarrassing myself. Since a lot of you are singers, maybe you'll have better luck. LET ME KNOW KK? 8D

Then I danced went back to class and wrote more smut.

See, in my 5 - 6:30 class, the really really boring one I'm way behind in the reading for (ALSO I DID THE WRONG READING FOR ULYSSES AND MAY KILL SOMEONE (this is not a homicide confession...)), the seating is, like, long tables with four seats -- two big... metal... juncture things... with two chairs each. (My descriptive skills need work; I know. XD) Anticipating moar smut!!!!1, I sat down at the end of the row and made sure to spread my shit out a little on the tabletop. There was this guy with his laptop at the other end of the table, ergo two chairs separating us, so I figured I was okay.

Like a minute and a half before class started, a girl sat down next to me.


Anyway, I started out with the line Matt was less patient now, scrabbling greedily at the waistband of Mello's boxers, his breathing starting to catch in that damn fucking thrilling way it did.

Fanfiction, friends: IT IS HAZARDOUS.

Eh, the way I figure, either the girl didn't even notice, or she diiiiid, and she'll never dare sit next to this creepy little perv EVER AGAIN.

Either way, my problem has solved itself. XD

Anyway, after that, I hung around waiting for my Theater 10 partner to show up so we could practice our scene, which we did. It's coming together pretty well, and I'm actually off-book, if a bit slow at the moments when I'm supposed to cut her off in mid-word.

HEY GUYS HEY, my memory is shit. XD

...all right, that's not really true; it's highly selective. XD

After that, I was tired as hell, so I hung around a while, watched Episode 6 of "Merlin," and then went to bed.


Ehh, practiced the damn scene again today -- and, as usual, Ashley showed up fifteen minutes after the time she picked, which makes me twitch like nothing else. I'll be rid of her soon enough. OH YES I SHALL. Anyway, the important part is that I started the next chapter of "Chocolate Always Loves You Back," which is good, because I need to update somehow this Saturday, when I'll be at eltea's. I will use my bestest skillz to negotiate this madness.

lol, I think "anyway" is one of my greatest filler/segue/transitiony words. XD


.../dork, or at least until you get to the next part, when the dork recommences with a fury

So... blame jenwryn. In a good way, I think/hope/etc. XD

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

LET'S DO THIS SHIT, KIDS. I have about eight trillion WIPs, but I'll pick a couple that are likely to, y'know, get done in the foreseeable future. I'm good at starting things and wretchedly bad at finishing them... DX

Also, the day I don't bend the rules of a meme is the Apocalypse, so you can haz working titles. XD

1. "Far": He closed his eyes as Near’s fingers passed over the left one, listening to the water rumble through the rusty pipes embedded in the wall behind them.

2. "Getting Away": He has a warm, faintly lilting voice, and the intensity of his dark eyes is radiant and captivating.

3. [I have no idea yet XD]: “Eat shit,” Matt retorted, tapping away much more calmly for a smooth combo.

...this next one's finished, and has been for two weeks, but I haven't posted it yet. >_>

4. "Touché": Shingo Mido knows better than most the poignant distinction between profligacy and luxury, the calligraphic line that separates pure status from class.

...ditto this one.

5. "Silver": Smoke drifts, and the dark plays on Mello’s face, and Matt meets powder-blue eyes, which are still too young.

6. "Forgive Me, Father": Mihael’s dry lips outlined unspoken syllables, the same ones, over and over, his head bowed, his vibrant hair trailing into those half-dead eyes.

7. [The sequel to "Window, Tree"? XD]: "You're not in this because of the blackmail," Light retorts; "you're in it solely for the purpose of messing with my mind."

...actually, I have surprisingly few WIPs at the moment, or surprisingly few that have a chance in hell of getting completed before I die. XD beans?

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