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Okay, Ang Lee didn't say that.

But he did say of "The Ice Storm," "This is a movie about awkwardness."

And lots of other things, which I very dutifully attempted to record. :D

Speaking of awkwardness, the guy with the seat next to mine would not stop flirting with me, and poorly. XD

It was all going okay initially, though having someone I was obligated to talk to meant I wasn't going to be reviewing Yeats. So he just graduated from UCLA and has friends who live here, I'm studying English, blah blah etcetera,the usual. I wasn't quite sure that he was flirting as opposed to simply killing time, but then right before the thing was due to start, he was like, "If you want to, there's something really fun I can do with you."


He backpedaled, of course, and explained that what he meant was a personality test.

Skeptical Tierfal was skeptical but vaguely curious.

I figured he was going to pull a palm-reader, but fortunately he went for "The Cube" instead. Right after I finished with associations, the guy came out to announce Ang Lee, which, conveniently for our friend, meant that unless I was feeling particularly cruel and dismissive, I was going to have to hang around after to get my "results."

So I did.

If you've glanced at the test, though, you can probably imagine how LAUGHABLY easy it was to get a pwn in.

As in,
Him: "So... the person you're looking for in life is really special, but you haven't found them yet."
Me: "*light laugh* Oh, dear, my boyfriend will be unhappy to hear that."

He backpedaled again, even more frantically this time.

It was amazing. XD

Anyway, that was my adventure. It actually left me feeling kind of vaguely uncomfortable for hours afterward. XD

SO YEAH. XD On to today's events. XD

On the chalkboard in my first class:

Three guesses how I read that out of the corner of my eye. XD

Next, I got my first Milton paper back. A-, KIDS. The BS Gods have not yet forsaken me!! 8D

On the way to my midterm, I ran into my T.A. from the Greek myths class I took last year, who is hands down the best T.A. I've ever had at this school. Appropriately enough given that it's ST. PATRICK'S DAY, his name is Sean O'Neill. It makes me lul. Because I have never met anyone with a more blatantly Irish name. XD

Anyway, I had a huge crush on still have a crush on really admire this guy, who was just an incredibly engaging section leader and who I bothered at office hours half a dozen times struggling with that Greek-myths-in-Harry-Potter paper last year (which some of my longtime friends may recall -- it was originally going to be a Greek myths in HP, Artemis Fowl, and Percy Jackson (no brainer amirite XD) paper, but then I had to whittle it down liek whoa and still ended up cobbling something crappy together the night before it was due, after having written a six-page paper on The Kite Runner, but I'm still not complaining, because all my "research" entailed rereading Harry Potter). He definitely had bagels and orange juice once. YES PLZ SEAN. 8D

He also gave us tons of Japanese candy on the last day of class (good T.A.s always give candy on the last day of class; smart T.A.s always give candy in the second-to-last class, right before handing out the evaluations). Because he taught English in Japan. Because he is THAT AWESOME OKAY.

And I thought that was awesome before I was a bona fide fangirl, so you know he's amazing. XD

Uh, anyway, I told him I was on my way to a midterm, and then we naturally got to talking about the Odyssey versus Ulysses and absurdly geeky things like that. XD

I keep running into this guy, amusingly enough -- IT MUST BE DESTINY. O_O

Or just probability. :P

Then... I learned that some vandals have good taste in movies:

Says it all.

Though they still can't spell for shit. XD

Guess they were probably in a hurry, but come on, guys, would two more letters have killed you? XD

/pedantic freak 8D

Then my midterm was the easiest one I think I've ever taken at this school, after all the getting-anxious that I did over it. (I thought there would be essay questions, okay? XD And my professor has NOT prepared us for anything essay-looking, which is unfortunate, because there's a paper due after Spring Break. XD) Waiting for it to start, I joined in with the ranting about our senile professor with six different people at varying points, which is always everyone's favorite thing to do before a test, in my experience. XD


Umm, I want to make a Death Note flash video to "Lollipop" so bad it hurts me. XD I'd promise to look into it over Spring Break, but I know I'd be lying, because I categorically do not have the patience for anything that involved. XD

...there are WAY too many reviews in my Inbox. *stares at them hoping they'll go away*

Speaking of fanfiction -- REX, I FINISHED YOUR FIC, ONLY IT'S REALLY DISJOINTED RIGHT NOW AND NEEDS A DAY OR TWO TO STEW AND GET ITS ASS EDITED!! (But I'm still proud of me. XD That's less than two months late; everyone should be impressed! 8D)


...or "Ang Lee quotes you've never read," I suppose. :P

So... an English professor (whom I haven't actually had, though he was pretty cool, so I may look into that) was asking them questions on a stage that looked like... this impossible-to-see picture.

Uhh, there's a stage, and on it were three chairs, and behind it was a big projector screen, where they showed clips and stuff. XD They had a montage that James Schamus (Ang Lee's BFF/producer/scriptwriter/etc.) made for the beginning, which was super-sketch. Like, it was all parts of sex scenes and then dialogue out of context to sound suggestive. :P Like Eric Bana from "Hulk" saying, "I lose control... And I like it." XD And then there was a very symbolic explosion at the end and whatnot exactly like the scene on the beach in Ulysses with the fireworks.

Anyway, they talked about stuff! :D

On the "On the Same Page" program here which is analyzing "The Ice Storm" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" this year, and which was heretofore about books:

James Schamus: "We're glad you're reading less and watching more TV."

On sex in movies:

Ang Lee: "I started running out of things I know about and moving into the subconscious. The creative process is more painful."


Ang Lee: "...what a sword means."

Announcer Professor: "Sometimes a sword is just a sword."


Ang Lee: "I love doing sex scenes in American cinema. That and Thanksgiving scenes."

On 'Sense and Sensibility':

Ang Lee: "Sort of the flipside of what I used to do at the beginning of my career."

On 'The Ice Storm':

Ang Lee: "Finding the tone of the movie was the most difficult."

Ang Lee: "Life, I think, is a mixture that doesn't make sense... When you mix genres and feelings and film styles, it's very difficult. And that's life."

Ang Lee: "There's a whole big world out there if you're willing to try, if you can get your audience to go there with you."


James Schamus: "In screenplays, my technique is to leave as much in the margins as I can."

Ang Lee: "That's what I like most... [Other scripts] feel like battleships... [in the sense that anyone could pick them up and film them.] James is full of possibilities... It's a working relationship rather than a dictatorship."

On one of their major themes:

James Schamus: "The notion of civility and everything that goes with it... requires people to swallow a certain amount of aggression."

On 'Taking Woodstock': (They showed us a super-secret clip, too, and it looks like this movie will be hilarious. XD)

James Schamus: "We made a conscious decision on this movie, after Ang has made six suicidally-depressing movies... to change gears here."

(He went on to explain something like, "I told Ang, 'Look, everyone who's available has won tons of awards and will do a really great job, so just meet them, and pick the nicest person.' And that's pretty much how we crewed this movie.")

Audience Questions:

What directors inspired you?

Ang Lee: "...I was young, I was looking for answers, and they shook me.

'The Virgin Spring' by Bergman - How dare someone ask where God is?

Neo-realism in Italian filmmakers after the Second World War... they transcend melodrama into psychological movies.

Billy Wilder.

The directors that have a great impact on me, I don't do their thing.

Some people say they're influenced by three directors. For me, it's three hundred at least."

How do you feel being an Asian director in Hollywood? How do you think Asian-American artists can get out there?

Ang Lee: "Write your own script. We have to create our own material. Asian-America is the minority of minorities... See beyond your own experience. In human spirit, in artistry, something special, something inspiring to all people."

If you could work with any actor, who would you pick?

Ang Lee: "Always the script first... If it's the lead actror, I will try to see if the story belongs to them... Whatever the movie needs.

...We didn't create these movies; the movie used us... I hate the movie; why me?!"

Would you ever do a musical?

Ang Lee: "Yeah, after 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,' that came up a lot. It's one genre that's hard to revise. If I get the right material, a good excuse, I'll do it."

(Apparently they actually started something, or at least considered something, based on a screenplay Schamus had, but they got bogged down with copyright problems and gave up. XD)

What made you want to make 'Brokeback Mountain'?

Ang Lee: "The first time when I read it... you could never make it into a movie. After a few years, it still haunted me... I should make it, it's my movie.

Somehow that movie kept coming back to me. I cried reading that story, at the end. I don't know what I have in common with gay couples."

James Schamus: "You have a thing for sheep."

(He also has a thing for long shots of forests and trees, which became a running joke throughout. XD)

Of Schamus:

Ang Lee: "It's good that he's also head of a studio." (That is, Focus Features.)

James Schamus: "It comes in handy sometimes."

I heard you were interested in making 'Life of Pi.' How are you going to approach it?

Ang Lee: "If I know what to do with the film, I won't do it. Life's too short."

Do you get creative blocks? Is there something you do to remove them?

James Schamus: "Wait it out. I used to eat Pepperidge Farm cookies...

[For Ang], a director's job is basically answering two thousand questions a day. Good directors know how to answer enough of those questions to get people moving..."

Ang Lee: "I feel like an acupuncturist [in the sense of figuring out where to treat a problem - some clever metaphor about needles in the neck to fix the knee, which was too fast for lame!Tierfal to transcribe XD]. It's very important that I keep myself in the best spiritual and physical conditions... The block usually comes scriptwriting. It's an ongoing creative process."

What would you have been if you hadn't gone into filmmaking?

Ang Lee: "Nothing. I'd be a total loser."

James Schamus: "I can't top that."

Neither can I. XD

I hope you are enlightened. 8D

God, I'm so relieved now -- I just have to survive a few more days, and then I'm free for a week to catch up on everything/write a shit-ton of fic. XD Expect a fangasm-filled Merlin post in the relatively near future. >D

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