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Armed with a variety of anti-spyware programs frantically downloaded from all corners of the internet, I scanned the shit out of my computer today, and I think it's mostly okay now.

Mostly, at least. XD

And avast! is excellent; thank you muchly to the very dear jdbracknell for passing it along!! ♥

Tierfal said LET THERE BE BULLET POINTS, and then there were. O_O

- Yesterday, while our internet was still out, I sat in the library and wrote a six-page, 1,800-word paper on the nature of Russianness in Under Western Eyes... in LESS THAN FOUR HOURS. I was very proud of myself. Missy Higgins makes very good paper-slaving music, I found. And good keeping-sane music in general. XD

- Yesterday I also read Insurrection: Holding History by Robert O'Hara for that American Cultures class, and... well, hot damn. Provided that I don't chicken out, it has inspired me to have one of the two protagonists of my prospective Script Frenzy be black. RACIAL THEMES WHAT IS THIS. I've never gone there before, because I've never been brave enough (or felt qualified, because, as we know, I am WHITE LIKE A PICKET FENCE), and I'm... interested to see what comes of it.

- Speaking of SF, if anyone else is doing it, add me as a friiiiiend. 8D It's easier than NaNo; I promise. XD ...also, looking at it, I haven't updated my info since last year; so much failz. XD Also also, it's going to be April first in less than an hour, and I am therefore in deep shit. I don't even have names for these kids yet. XD

- Anyway, last night the viruses attacked as soon as the internet returned and inexplicably refused to let me get on LJ, which made my soul die. That is also why I spent like three hours catching up just now, as you may have noticed. XD Fortunately, it's really difficult to get depressed when the weather is beautiful (and not even too warm for my in-love-with jacket!). I've seen like five butterflies and a dragonfly in the last two days. XD WHY HALLO THAR SPRING.

- I've also been listening to a lot of Mae again. Makes me haaaappyyyy.

- Wrote 900 words of even MORE questionable fanfiction in class today. It was excellent. And it finally got me un-stuck on "Far," which is fantastic, because I've been beating my head against that scene for a long time. It's almost to 15,000 words, hoorah? And then I did the Stupid Thing and started the next chapter, too. BAD PLAN.

- Even Worse Plan: attempted to snag two prompts to choose from to write a 750+-word Merlin fic by Friday. Mothereffing SHIT why am I such a masochist. XD ...oh, right, because the prompts were fantastic, and my brain was like, "brigits_flame? Your cousins from New Mexico are visiting to tour the school Thursday? You might want to go see that play Thursday night? You're probably going to your dad's house this weekend? I HAVE TEMPORARILY FORGOTTEN ALL OF THESE THINGS; GO RIGHT AHEAD."

lol I am so stupid lol. XD

But at least I have a temporarily virus-free computer. I think. I don't know what it is about this piece of shit machine that conveys "PLZ VISIT ME, TROJANS" in neon to the whole of the sketchy internetz. XD

It's probably the world-in-general's way of punishing me for writing smut in class and mentally daring people to look over my shoulder. 8D

Anyway, that's enough quasi-drunken-due-to-delirium rambling from me, imho. XD

TIERFAL OUT. x3 I missed you guys; I'm glad to be back after a WHOLE DAY OF DEPRIVATION. XD ♥

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