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Time to summarize the week in two hours' work or less, since I have another class later!

There is much crap to be spoken of, my friends.  Much crap.

First of all, a warm, nigh-on-friendless Tierfal welcome to marmaladefever, who is not only a famous and upstanding member of the Dramione community, but now also Tierfal's LJ friend!  Yay!

I'll do my best not to scare you away too fast.  Such things are certainly better done gradually.  Deeper mental scars that way.

In other friend news, I do not think that I have sufficiently thanked the wonderful captjackspeanut for the unending support of all my strange endeavors.  So a rousing yay for her, too! :)

In other OTHER friend news, you may thank eltea for the fact that I am largely psychologically intact today.  Because my essay last night was... yeah.  An essay.  Last night.  1,656 words and nine hours later, I am still in awe of the fact that I managed it at all.  That essay fought me tooth and nail EVERY WORD.  Usually it's just the occasional sentence that goes Rottweiler on me and attempts to rip my throat out and use it as a chew-toy, but this one was EVIL.  Hence the small and rather unprofessional graphic I made to commemorate the occasion instead of actually working on it:

Pretty much is the story.  Anyway, I finished about twenty minutes after midnight, and eltea proofread it while I took a shower.  This would be super-special-awesome in the first place, just by virtue of its being deeply selfless and considerate especially given the fact that she has a final today, but when you take into consideration the way that she does this for me... every damn time I have an essay...  Really, just bow to her powers of saving my life.  And my grades.  And my sanity.

So you should go read her review of Brokeback Mountain and The Notebook; nobody except me really did, and it's sad, because it's an awesome review, and it took her a long time to write, and she's not a jerk who spoils about eighty things like I am.  F'sho.  Hop to it.

In other news, the reason that I am in such a wildly jubilant (read: gleefully slightly less-than-sane) mood is because... I GET TO GO HOME TODAY.  It's about to be Spring Break, and while I do have homework and crap, (a) I probably won't do any of it, and (b) I don't even care.  Due to the play, I haven't been home in over a month, and I miss my mommy and my house and stuff.  *TEARS*

So I'm excited.  Is the story.  Yay.

You should be excited, too, because there's a new chapter of Enigmaticness Abounds coming up today, provided that I don't forget in all my excitement (...which is possible, but unlikely...).  Unfortunately, it is a chapter with a cliffhanger and a lot of other very mean things, and everyone is going to hate it.  More happily, however, tomorrow I'm going to start posting another fic I wrote a few weeks ago, which I hope other people will like as much as I do.  It's rather darker than the stuff I've done lately, but... I dunno.  All of my writing necessarily has a lot of me in it, which is probably why I used to be either apprehensive about showing it to people or adamantly pushing it like I do now, in the throes of either self-consciousness or conceit.  (You may gather, rightly, that I am now on the conceited side of things.)  But this fic in particular I think has more of me than any of its predecessors.  College was treating me crappily indeed, and I rummaged around in myself a little, put pen to paper, and transcribed what I could.  This fic is what happened.

Telling, I think, that it's the only fic I've written so far that will garner a Mature rating by my standards.  Telling indeed.

Anyway, here's your AMAZING SNEAK PREVIEW.  And only eltea will have any idea what this means, because she's already beta'd the fic.  But you'll figure it out fast.  And then be tantalized and enthralled by its wonders.

I hope you like Hamlet, by the way.

Moving right along, in other other other news, I've decided to kill time until November by joining (you guessed it) eltea in another madcap adventure of self-imposed suffering: Script Frenzy!  It's like National Novel Writing Month, but with screenplays or play scripts!

...Wow, we're stupid.

Anyway, I wish it would be flipping April already, because I have a bunch of ideas but can't start writing yet.  Though considering that (not in concert with eltea regarding film festival projects and assignments for class, anyway) I've only ever written two plays, and considering that one of them was The Mildly Sad Story of Horatio, Replacement Prince of Denmark, and considering that that pinnacle of artistic achievement was a MUSICAL on top of everything else, this will be very, very... interesting.



I suppose I should shut up now and pack up my crap and potentially start on the homework that I don't want to take home with me.  Maybe.

I will leave you with sage revelations from Tierfal on the subject of the movie "Howl's Moving Castle."

I need to see that again sometime.  Christian Bale voicing Howl... *DROOL*

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