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Going MIA from LJ for a day reduces the yield of in Inbox by at least three-quarters.


Easter candy was 75% off. Two boxes of five each cost me a grand total of twenty-four cents.


And I got an A on my paper on Under Western Eyes, meaning that I don't need to write a second paper in that class. FUCKYEAHPLZ. Only two papers and three finals and I'll be out of this shit. >D

One of those papers is due next week, however. Houston, we have a problem.

At least I re-borrowed M. Butterfly from the library so that I can write about it. I intend to buy it, but... notritenao. Fill in reason of choice.

(Correct answer was q. excessive laziness, if you were curious. XD)

Today (yesterday, before midnight) my sister is fourteen years old. She is significantly more awesome than I was at fourteen. SIGNIFICANTLY. For one, she's amazingly funny; and for two, she doesn't give a shit what people think of her. XD

It's very, VERY odd to me, however, that she's the same age as a few of you who will here go incognito in the interest of pedo prevention. I dunno. It's just strange. Your internet presences are not like her internet presence, and it always gets me to wonder what it would be like to lock you all in a room and see what came of it.

She wrote fanfiction a while ago, actually, though I think she's mostly lost interest -- for The Backyardigans, which is the greatest show in ever.

I had "Dragon Mountain" stuck in my head earlier and ended up listening to like an hour and half of Backyardigans music accordingly.


Really, though, the Mighty Knights episode had a huge influence on the brigits_flame entry that I'll be linking to once I have half a brain to edit with.

Back on topic, I remember when that child came home from the hospital. I remember holding her for the first time.

I was wearing my corduroy jumper (not the Brit-English jumper) with the red-checkered apple on it.

As you can tell, at six-and-a-half years old, I was already destined to be a Death Note fangirl.

So... the basic story of today is that I got home at about eleven and soon after started making icons.

Many icons.

Almost a hundred icons.

Merlin icons.

Oh, yes.

It only took... seven hours.

Hey, man. Hey. They're pretty. And they go nicely with the icons I made the other night, because 109 is a lovely total. 8D

So I'll put those up in this hizzouse when I'm not feeling quite so insufferably lazy.

Pssh, like that'll ever happen. XD

Post-icon-fest, I went and saw the weirdest frigging dance show in the history of mankind, because I had to as an assignment for my acting class. IT WAS WEIRD. Minimal noise-music and lots of ballet-ish stuff and... weird. O_o

That's pretty much the summary of it.

Tomorrow is Cal Day. Which means School Show-Off Day. I bet I can find some free shit.

If I even get up before it's over, anyway. XD

Have some more "Fifteen": Karma. I wrote another of them yesterday, such that I only have two prompts left to fill in. They're tricksy ones. I'm stirring some ideas around. *blows on spoon and tastes*

That will be all for this evening. ♥

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