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Bad Plan

So... now I'm losing my voice, and my throat is all sore. XD


Talk too much? ME? That's absurd. XD

Effective parody is our friend.

Grammar plz?

Um, I hope this guy below, wherever and whoever he is, is legal, because I want to marry him.

SERIOUSLY. My life hath been made. XD

In quasi-fic-ish-related news... I ditched customized entries on tierfallen. It's because of those effing comment boxes, man. EFFING COMMENT BOXES. >_>

So... less pretties, but also less eye strain. Fair enough, I guess. XD

And... Little Red Riding Hood, latest Fifteen drabble.

I should post more fic later. The two-month old one is just chilling. And chilling. And chilling. And it should be freed. XD Especially since I actually like it. And since I'll be updating "Chocolate" tomorrow anyway; might as well spam the shit out of my Inbox properly. XD

Tags: amusement, death note, fanfiction update, life, music, video
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