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Hip hop and you don't stop

Oh-flipping-SNAP, you guys.

Yesterday, 11:50 PM, Script Frenzy, this:


Now I just have to. You know. Finish the fucker. XD

And oh shit, that's, like, my name lol. XD O HAI INTERNET AT LARGE. XD


Stepdad: All the kids have peed on me.
Me: Even the ones who aren't actually yours!
Stepdad: Yeah, [Tierfal] was the worst. I was in my work clothes, and back then, I actually wore a button-down shirt.
Me: I retroactively apologize.
Stepdad: I was like, "Honey, I'll take care of this one" -- no good deed goes unpunished.
Me: Ain't that the truth!
Mother: That's why you didn't help with Ally.

Also, Vincent + Maion + zombies for brigits_flame.

Oh, yeah.

(And shit, I totally ship them now. >_> The really sad part is that it's honestly because I had a moment where I realized they both have silky, shoulder-length hair. I'm serious. Fuckin' Herbal Essences commercial, man. XD)

Tags: amusement, awesomeness, brigit's flame, family, life, original fiction, script frenzy, vincent duval
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