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I don't know what it is about, like, seeing movies and stuff.  I keep, like, totally, like, seeing them.  And, like, yeah.  Omigawd.

So the movies that eltea and I watched last night were "Kung Fu Hustle," which I've seen three times now; "Casino Royale," same deal; and "Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut," which I'd never seen.  No spoilers; just pictures gleaned from Google Images and lots of fangirling and commentary. :D

Kung Fu Hustle:

Oh, man.  This movie cracks me up for a lot of reasons.  First of all, it's deliberately written that way, but there's also the added element of the fact that I recognize phrases in the Chinese.  Of course, what I recognize is "fat woman," "asshole," and the immortal "aiya," but... hey.

Anyway, the reason I forced/wheeled/coerced eltea into watching this movie is because it's exquisitely stylistic.  The major plot twist is somewhat predictable, but one of the main plot junctures early on is amazing as far as storytelling goes.  Most of it is just cinematic magic -- some of the imagery is supremely imaginative, and the fight choreography is fantastic, innovative and at times hilarious.

Really, though, watch it for the laughs and the characters.

By far the best is the landlady, who I guarantee will get a laugh out of you, whoever you are.

She's pretty much just the bomb.  Stephen Chow, who's the writer, producer, director, and star, is really something else.  Also, good luck trying not to love his hair.

Watch out for the violence, though -- it was even gorier than I remembered.  I mean, my twelve-year-old sister can handle it, but it's some pretty hardcore stuff.  It earns the R.  It's fairly tactful and stylistic, and some of it's almost like that nebulous "fantasy violence" stuff, but it gets intense sometimes, so watch that.

Casino Royale:

I'm not a Bond expert.  Moreover, I've never actually seen a Bond movie all the way through, save this one, which I've seen THRICE.  What I like about it most is that Daniel Craig (and of course, you know, that director guy, and the screewriters) give James Bond more depth.  He's not just a womanizer with a crapload of nifty gadgets; he's a complex character with emotions and motivations.  It works for me.

Also, he has a brain.  And uses it.

Also, he has ridiculously bright blue eyes.  Check it.

I mean, DAMN.

There's a fair amount of violence in this sucker, too, though it's only PG-13.  On the whole, I found it very sympathetic and very smart, and I like that in a movie.  Now, we're still not entirely sure if some of the stuff actually, ah, makes sense as far as the bad guy's issues with the stock market go, but, then, we don't do the stock market, and... yeah.

And the proliferation of facecards in the poker sections is just funny.

It's a fun movie, and I like fun movies.  The action is impressive, considerable, and creative, and, really, it's worth the rental just for the chase scene at the beginning.  :D

Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut:

We rented the director's cut because it got about ten percent higher ratings on most of the online rating sites, and...


I haven't had my mind blown so much by a movie since I saw "The Matrix" when I was eleven.  I can barely begin to describe how stunning this film was.  There are a thousand things to say, and I have neither the time nor the words to articulate them all.  Let's put it this way -- it was two in the morning when we stuck it in the DVD player, but this sucker had me for every minute.

To begin, Frank the Giant Bunny Rabbit will scare the crap out of you.  He is designed that way, and he succeeds.  This movie is psychologically stimulating and frightening, and that's part of what gives it such a singular ability to knock you right off your feet.  There are bits of violence, nothing so explicit as in the two movies noted above, and the language fits into the R category because, y'know, it sounds like what real people say (God forbid THAT should happen).  This is a Brain Movie.  It'll twist yours up and wring it out and lead it around on a spider's silk leash, and your jaw will attain a new level of droppage.

The only thing we really didn't like was Donnie's girlfriend.  We have something of an aversion to Mary Sues, and she was one.  Female characters are tough, always, to pull off, and I thought maybe they could do it, but they didn't make her likable.  Maybe that wasn't really their goal, but Gretchen was superficial, self-centered, and pretty, and that is a recipe for female movie characters, as far as I'm concerned.  I disliked her, and eltea, per the way that she experiences every emotion eight hundred percent, hated her guts.

Of course, we were probably just jealous, because she got to make out with Jake Gyllenhaal, and we didn't.


I'll get back to Jake in a minute.

The other characters... wow.  I really loved the Darko parents, which is unsual.  Rarely are parents portrayed well in movies, and here, they were realistic, sympathetic, and thoroughly lovable.  They acted like real parents.  Like normal people.  And they actually cared about each other and had a marriage.  My Heavens.

And Drew Barrymore is often good, but here... SO endearing.  Wonderful.  She played Donnie's not-so-orthodox (as the rest of the school, at least) English teacher, and she was fantastic.

So... Jake.

Oh, man.  Oh, MAN.

After the Brokeback Mountain fangirling, you probably gathered that I really loved his acting in that particular cinematic masterpiece.  Here, though... He outdid himself.  I literally gasped aloud at least once simply at his facial expressions.  He would move seamlessly from making you laugh to making you stare in disbelief, just by flipping like a light-switch from a smile to a smirk.  He had a grin that was so adorable you wanted to pet him, and he had a grin that sent tremors down your spine.  I am absolutely amazed by his talent.  Flabbergasted.  If Jake hadn't been good, this movie would have tanked, but he, and it, was absolutely mesmerizing.

Watch it.  I'd go with the Director's Cut if you can get it, because I can't think of anything that ought to have been taken out of what I saw.  It'll seriously skewer your brain in the best possible way, and the climax is utterly unpredictable.  Flipping astounding.  I'm going back to Borders to buy this one, and then I'm going to watch it again.

I'm still in shock.  It was that good.
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