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Post of Postliness

O hai paid account.

My life has not been very exciting lately, hence the lack of obsessive updates. XD

I wanted to assemble a list of my most imminently in-progress crap. Like you do. So here's a paragraph or two from each of them, partly to tantalize you, partly to keep track of the damn things in my own head, and partly so that you'll yell at me to finish them all. :D

I've worked on pretty much all of these since... last week. At least a little.

Yell at me.

Or feed me plotbunnies for breakfast; I will eat them raw. 8D

Nom nom nom nom.


1. Death Note - "Far" - Alternate Canon - Matt/Mello/Near - M - a.k.a. the Dramatic/Action-Packed Fic That Turned into a Black Comedy

Near had been quiet for a few long minutes, watching the figures flicker across the television screen, his feet, swathed as they were in a pair of Matt’s black-and-red-striped socks, curled beneath him like a cat’s paws. Mello tried not to notice, but he wasn’t as good at ignoring things as he might have liked.

Perhaps it was part of the whole genius deal.

Mello crossed his legs at the ankles, propping his feet up on the corner of the coffee table. “What’s wrong?” he asked briskly, employing his best No-Bullshit voice.

Figured that it worked on Mafia men, but Near just blinked at him.


2. Death Note - "Through a River" - Wildly AU - Matt/Near - presumably T - a.k.a. It's Really Hard to Remember to Type "Nate" Every Time

“You don’t care what anyone thinks of you,” [Ide] noted, “do you, Mr. River?”

Nate smiled slightly, taking the pen. “No one’s ever thought much,” he explained. “I stopped trying.”

“The cynics get younger every year,” Ide sighed.

“Or the world gets worse,” Nate offered, sliding the pen over his ear and flipping to the first page of Mogi’s report.

“You’re not even old enough to get a drink after work, are you?” Aizawa, arriving to proffer a painfully ironic stack of consent forms, wanted to know.

Nate, for his part, wanted to know when the order had been given to gang up on him today.

Whoever had organized this mutiny would be doing twice the paperwork.

“No,” Nate answered primly, “but at least I can vote now.”

“Better not to,” Aizawa advised. “Then when the country falls to pieces, you can honestly say that you had nothing to do with it.”

all cynics,” Ide decided. “Is it something you put in your coffee?”

“Cyanide,” Aizawa confirmed cheerfully, “in non-fatal doses.”


3. Death Note - "Kiss and Tell" - Alternate Canon - Light/L (and Matt/Mello/Near?) - T or M - a.k.a. I Should Restart Chapter Two in a Different Direction That Won't Get Stuck After Twenty Words

Light has always been extremely good at building walls. And it was easy—easy because no one else has ever been as smart as he is, so he’s never wanted to let anybody in.

And now L has taken his snow-globe world in two spindly hands and won’t stop shaking, and slow-motion snowflakes are all around him, so dense that he can’t see a thing.

L transcends the abstractions that flitted through his adolescent dreams; L is none and all of the things he denies that he’s wanted; and bricks and crumbling mortar are raining from the sky.


4. Merlin - "Collective Bed of Sin" - sequel to "Inevitability" - Arthur/Merlin - T - a.k.a. It's Not Crack Because Life Really Is This Absurd Sometimes

“For starters,” Merlin responded, “how do you know he’s gay?”

Child’s play.

“Because,” Arthur scoffed, “every time I’ve seen him in his room, he has a new vase of flowers on his desk.”

Merlin toyed with his bandana, which was black with yellow smiley faces. Artists got away with such dubious style choices, and Arthur, for his part, was more interested in the less-conventional applications of the accessory than its numerous crimes against fashion.

“Maybe he’s studying botany,” Merlin suggested.

“Vases with
ribbons,” Arthur said. “Gay as a rainbow.”

Merlin made a face. “Why do rainbows have to be gay?” he wanted to know. “I mean, what’s so homosexual about a spectrum of colors?”


5. Death Note - "Getting Away" - Alternate Canon... ish... - YOU WILL NEVER KNOW until I post it - T, probably - a.k.a. I Started This Fic in Fucking August But at Least I'm Back to Work... Sort of...

Examining them, he concludes as always that his eyes aren’t very subtle, but he guesses that’s probably a good thing, because anyone who goes too unnoticed would be suspicious because of it, right? These genius types second-guess themselves so fast he can’t keep track of the logic, brilliant as it might be. It makes him feel like a kid, and when you’re taking orders from an actual kid, in pajamas, no less… well, that’s enough to drive a man to bouts of staring at himself in the mirror.

And hey, it’s not his fault he’s inherited his mother’s contrasting dark hair and pale, gray-blue eyes. They’re eyes, he likes to think, like the convergence of sea and sky. They’re also eyes, he regrets recalling, that girls have fallen in love with, swooned over, and, on one memorable occasion, written sonnets for—sonnets so incredibly abysmal that Shakespeare presumably rolled over in his grave and cried himself back to death, but sonnets nonetheless.


6. Death Note - "Drive" - Inexplicable AU - Matt/Mello - M - a.k.a. I Can Haz M/M PWP?

He has dressed to blend in at an office, which for Mello means extremely low, extremely tight black jeans and a belt buckle big enough to stop traffic, on the off-chance that his hipbones don’t do it first. If he’d buttoned the black Oxford shirt over the coordinated A-shirt, he would almost look presentable, but then there wouldn’t be car accidents every time he paused at a crosswalk, and Mello finds the destruction very satisfying.

Not to mention flattering.

He kicks the door shut—it’s the Italian leather shoes today—and strolls over to examine Matt’s speechlessness up close.

It’s funny how you just can’t get used to Mello. There’s no such thing as an immunity.


I've got a wildly AU Mello/Near banging around in my head, too, but I'm refusing to let it out so far. *stifles Muse with a pillow*

And I need to write that one wildly-AU thing I was babbling about the other day this summer. And write up "Deus Ex Machina," since all the dialogue is done. And write "Forgive Me, Father," which... just fucking needs to be written ohnoes.

And I need to write the next chapter of "Chocolate Always Loves You Back" by Saturday.

Awesome. u_u'

It amuses me, however, how many of my fics are indeed "alternate canons." Umm... DENIAL MUCH? XD

BUT... I sent To Florida to eltea yesterday for the Ensuring That Tierfal Hasn't Made Any Particularly Humiliating Typos Edit, so hopefully I'll be able to pass it along to you guys pretty soon. :)

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