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hai keeds

Random links and some movie talk. Sure, why not? XD

I don't have a television at school. So, yeah, I watched, like "Merlin," but that's not even ON television here yet, so that was a special case. XD Anyway, here, as we learned yesterday, I watch whatever other people are watching, which with my mother means NCIS, Castle, The Mentalist, 24, and so on. With my sister, it's Heroes and Supernatural and whatnot. And with my step-dad, it's channel flipping like a lunatic. :P

But last night I watched most of "Ocean's Eleven," which I hadn't seen in probably five years, and even then, it was at three in the morning, and I was basically asleep. It was excellent and enjoyable and made a LOT more sense this time around. 8D

Also, it rekindled the desire to work on a Matt/Mello Vegas AU that eltea and I plotted up eons ago when we saw "RENT." (Remember, richelle2972???? XD)

Damn. Like I need another flipping project to add to my vast collection. XD

Anyway, after that, I saw the end of "Kill Bill Pt. 1" and then the entirety of "Kill Bill Pt. 2." I really loved those when I was fifteen, but I think that was partially me being like "O HAI I'M NOT A WIMPY GIRL I LOVE MOVIES WITH GORE SEE SEE?", because I was like that for a long time. XD Of course, I actually *do* like mov... never mind. XD

In any case, at fifteen I failed to notice the incredible artistry of the incredible violence, so that was fun this time around. :D Thematically, there's a lot to be said, and in my pre-English major life, I never would have started noticing/wondering about the fact that she wears single-colored outfits in almost every scene, and the different colors interact differently with what's going on in the plot.

TAKE THAT, critics who didn't buy it. XD

Also. Also. lolololol Death Note fangirl time. So there's this big fight. Between two characters. Named Elle and Bea.

It gets better, but that's a spoiler. XD

Anyway, that was fun, and kept me up until one in the morning, after which I was up another two hours finishing koneko_zero's fic (needs editing, my darling, but will be getting you very soon!!), which... may bear the mark of too much Tarantino. Oops. XD

Uhh, YouTube is my friend. XD

I saw this commercial during the above-described television binge, although this is pretty crappy quality: NICE, MAN; NICE.

And my step-dad showed me this: Antwerp Station, being AMAZING.

I would have missed my damn train and NOT CARED AT ALL. 8D

So... more fic later. ^^ I put Full of Surprises up at after all, because I enjoy scarring people for life. XD

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