Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C


I has YouTube videos for you.

Dancing with the Stars is pimp to begin with, and Kristi Yamaguchi is something else entirely.  She's in it to win it, f'sho.  If you watch this sucker (to skip right to the dance, you're going to want to go to about a minute and thirty-five seconds), also keep in mind that this is the second time she's ever done ballroom dancing.  In.  Her.  Life.

She should've gotten a thirty; we think the judges are holding back because it's only the second week.


Also, the rock opera Tale of the Mighty Knights episode of the Backyardigans... made of win.  MADE OF W IN.

Dragon Mountain

And... this song has been making me happy for a very long time, so... you should check it out.


I hope I have enlightened you, one way or another.

Tags: randomness, video

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