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I'm just that exciting.

Welcome to my new friend zeda_chan, who is super-adorable and horrifyingly-talented! :D And, accordingly, whose art I've been stalking for like EVER! ^^;

All I did today -- and I mean all -- was to go turn in my Milton paper, then write just enough of "Kiss and Tell" to set L and Light up for a fistfight... which I have since been lame enough not to want to write. What is this?! XD

So then I made a gigantic playlist for the fic instead. Like you do. And then I read the rest of Murphy. XD

Anyway, it's simply UNFAIR that a human being can be so fangirlable. XD

We're doomed; they realized that there was a way to make this prettiness

even prettier -- WITH THE POWER OF EMO BOYS.

In other words, the Doctor Who episode "Midnight" is crazy-amazing. O_o BBC, why must you make American television look so shitty in comparison? XD

tierfal (11:38:35 PM): ilu Colin. XD
tierfal (11:38:45 PM): Even though you make me jealous of your appearance despite the fact that you're male. :P

/drools on keyboard and gets electrocuted

So... yeah. I can haz?? *____*

Uhh... Peep Art VII and Peep Art IX. The first one is substantially funnier, imo. XD

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