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I spent pretty much my entire day studying for my Milton final.

And I'm only into the second book of Paradise Lost. XD's okay; I actually read it, which should help. :P

After being cooped up inside for all eternity, I wisely elected to forge out into the world to see a free play that a Theater 10 friend of mine was in.


I wasn't expecting too much, since it was, you know, student-written, -directed, -produced, -acted, etc. And free. I mean, our free Shakespeare shows are fucking fantastic, but that's because we're godly, and it doesn't hurt that we also have a paying venue.

But it was awesome. O_O

So the play was called "A Separate Space," and the basic premise is that this guy Alex is living in Egypt, and instead of dealing with the unpleasantries of his life, like his grandmother's death, his overbearing grandfather's nepotism, and the fact that he's a huge geek, escapes into an extremely elaborate Star Trek fantasy that adapts all the elements he wants to keep and lets him be confident and heroic.

Naturally, things start mixing a little too well, and his inability to separate fantasy from reality fucks up both.

It was very well-scripted, for starters -- the Star Trek universe, in particular, had a melodramatic tone to it that was kind of charming, and which the actors fortunately carried off very well. They did some interesting interdisciplinary stuff with music and whatnot, and since it was outside, in the Eucalyptus Grove, they had a very minimalist thing going on, which also worked. It's all about commitment, guys. If the actors believe it, you will.


/clearly an acting expert; have you seen my Oscars?

THAT WAS COOL. And it was really... personalized, in some ways, because there was a lot to be said for the way Alex approached the whole thing -- his deep-seated dissatisfaction with the cultural and societal expectations of what is a productive life, and what makes a person whole, and what an escape from reality connotes to most. People don't think it's cool to have your head in the clouds all day, every day, at the expense of your civic, civil, and societal obligations. People don't appreciate creation.

...fanfiction, anyone?

The truth, it burns us. XD

But... yeah. I'm really glad I hit that up. :D

Also, in the spirit of further procrastination, I have ficspam for you:

Almost Perfect, a Matt/Mello AU for jenwryn, and... well, suffice to say THIS SHIT IS BANANAS (Light/L, for lullydoll, and I hate that song; it always gets stuck in my head XD).

Studying Milton is starting to amuse me far more than it should. I probably need my head examined.

Or removed altogether. 8D

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