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Was happiness a fad?
Or was it in the Lost and Found again, behind the issues
It might not be so bad
We're all addicted to our tragedy
I guess it's what it had to be

- "Nothing on My Back" - Sum 41 -


Garden, from Fifteen, Matt/Mello. Shocking.

Collective Bed of Sin, the next episode of American-college!Arthur and Merlin. (Specialists are attempting to determine whether this fic goes on forever or just seems like it. Said specialists clearly did not read Pure Chance.)

Then I overhauled the tierfallen Masterlist, because (a) it was pissing me off; and (b) I like copying jenwryn.

If it's blinding, tell me, and I'll fiddle with it more. I made the font all tiny because I was sick and tired of all the fat IN-UR-FACE text everywhere. XD Someday I'll probably just delete the thing out of spite, and then we'll have NO masterlist, and THEN where the fuck will we be?!!

It's pretty cool, though, to look at the huge chunks that now belong to pairings I favor. lol Matt/Mello lol. The plus signs everywhere are beginning to make me twitch, but I should have thought of that before I used that ratings system like a newb.

Also, I started your fic, sabriel75, on the 100th page of my "DN Oneshots" document. Which contains 65,500 words. Though a fairly considerable portion of that is attributable to author's notes. But still. *___*

I wrote a Merlin/Doctor Who crossover for eltea the other day late at night, which tells you everything, which I need to post or something.

Um. I'm awesome. \o/



Okay, that's not technically true. I put all the other day's drabbles up on tierfallen. But they're member-locked. You can't see them, but they're there.


And I read an article about teh Nekkid Man. Maybe I should click on those "Cal Connection" emails more often.

And I have my hair in two braids right now, which makes me look twelve. They're fun to pull on, however.

You know what would be awesome? If you could put an LJ-cut inside an LJ-cut. Like layer cake. Or something else that makes for a better analogy.

That'd be sweeeeeeeet.


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