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Frightening Fic Stats, Tierfally Origins, and A GAME YOU CAN PLAY 8D

WHEE. :3


From my tags page:

[year] 2007 - 11 uses
[year] 2008 - 92 uses
[year] 2009 - 97 uses halfway through 2009... and I've already written more (more distinct pieces, at least) than I did in all of 2008., brain? WTF, MUSE?, I'm never going to get used to this writing-as-compulsion thing. XD

Aaaaand... sabriel75 made this meme. And everyone always asks me wtf Tierfal is supposed to mean, so now you can learn the truth and not have to. XD

What’s so important about your username?

1. How did you create it?
Ummm... So when I was twelve, I started writing this *TEH EPICZ* fantasy trilogy. It was so *TEH EPICZ* that... I refuse to look at it now, because the Mary Sueness would kill me on the spot, and don't get me started on the prose. XD But I dedicated, like, 400,000 words to the first two and then three-quarters of the third book, and then I moved on to different projects. HOWEVER, senior year of high school, I thought, "Maybe I can revamp those and make them not-suck" -- and I had a few good ideas, but, typically, my attention span gave out after sixteen pages. XD One of my brilliant planz, though, was to give my MARY SUEEEE female protagonist a last name this time around. I played with syllables for like half an hour in Government in my free time and came up with... Tierfal. And liked it. And this happened to be right about the time I got a account, and then it became my internet everything. ^^

2. Is it important?
It really is me in a lot of ways now -- so, to me, yeah. ^^

3. Do you care if someone else has it?
My Google research has previously demonstrated that there's some fictionpress fantasy thing out there where someone has a Duke Tierfal. But I'm WAY MORE FAMOUS THAN THAT HACK. 8D, mostly, I'd assume they were trying to impersonate me, and I'd be ticked. XD

4. Do you use it everywhere?
Everywhere on the internet, just about. :D It's not a combination of syllables that people usually assemble, so it tends to be free for account-having. Which is vry naice. 8D


Soooo... when eltea and I get bored in unison, shit like this happens. XD

The basic idea is that we each picked a character from the pool of them in our shared fandoms (Doctor Who, Merlin, Death Note, Harry Potter, Honeydew Syndrome), without telling each other who, and had them meet each other in this basic scenario:

Everyone's on vacation on a tropical island, and then when they wake up from naps and things the island is suddenly deserted and looks like it's been deserted and falling to pieces of the last ten years or so.  So they go to sleep with it a functioning, pretty resort and wake up with it a looks-like-it's-been-abandoned-for-a-decade resort.

Try to guess who before we did! :D  Our notes are in square brackets, and we included our wrong guesses so that you can eliminate them, too.  Fill in the answer sheet at the bottom, and in a couple days, we'll tell you the right ones! :D


(picking his/her way through a hallway, looking for others, calls nervously but not weakly) Hello? Is - is anybody here?
(appears around a corner; blinks) Oh, my -- hello.
(throws his/her arms around the other character in a big hug; with great relief) Oh, thank goodness! I thought I was the only one here! I'm so glad neither of us is alone!
(blinks, hugs him/her firmly but gently, and draws back, smiling slightly) I'm glad as well.
(takes a deep breath and lets it out, a little trembly; steps back, but not at all in an awkward way, and bites his/her lip) So… what do you think happened? I was just asleep, and when I woke up, everything was like this… this is creepy! We'd better stick together… I wonder what happened to everyone else.
(pushes his/her hands in his/her pockets and shrugs helplessly) Hopefully, they're all right, like we are. It would be strange -- though I guess 'strange' is an understatement in general -- if this phenomenon was inconsistent somehow. (glances around) And it doesn't seem that the layout of the building has changed, so I dare to hope that no one's been hurt by the transition...
[It's totally the Doctor. XD]
[Sorry. :P]
[No?! XD]
[/fail XD]
(frowns/pouts slightly) But why was there a "transition" in the first place? Buildings don't just change for no reason; this is really weird.
(shrugs helplessly and attempts at another smile) I... can't say, I'm afraid. I suppose we'll have to investigate and see if we can figure that out.


(is making his/her way through a hallway, slowly, voice raised but not shouting) Hello? Is anybody there?
(pokes his/her head out of a doorway) Whoa, hey...
[No. :P]
(looks at him/her) Well, hello. (frowns) Do you have any idea what's happened?
(steps out into the hall, rubbing idly at the back of his/her head) Umm... no. Sorry...
(sighs) No, it's all right; I suppose that was too much to hope for. At least we seem to be intact. Do you feel all right?
(chews on his/her lip) Yeah, I'm fine. Are you okay?
(sighs again) Yes, I think so; just a little bewildered. When one goes to sleep someplace, one generally expects to wake up in the same place. But I suppose our primary concern at the moment is to find out what happened
(nods) Yeah. You want to... go look around? I dunno.
(frowns faintly) Well, we aren't going to get much done standing around here. Come on; let's try this way.
(nods and follows, slightly uncertainly) So... um... did you, like, hear anything unusual last night, or anything? Do you know when this happened? I just... woke up to it.


(is moving through the resort interestedly; hears another character coming and hides to see who it is)
(is wandering the halls, looking around intently, picking his/her way through)
(observes for a moment, and then calls from hiding, a little bit creepily but mostly pleasantly) Hello!
(turns suddenly, blinks at the spot; pauses) Hello... Can I persuade you to show yourself?
[Some trick of the hiding makes it hard to trace the voice or something, because otherwise your character could just follow it. XD]
(chuckles) Maybe. But first, why are you here? Are you lost?
(eyes narrowing slightly; coolly) I was here last night, and I am therefore still here. "Lost" is slightly more difficult to quantify, given that I know what here was but not what it is now.
[Near Near Near Near. XD]
[Nope! XD]
[Rly? XD]
[Then Mikami. :P]
[Sorry. XD]
(laughs) Well, I'm sorry, but I can't tell you that. I don't know where here is, either. But it's more interesting than it was, at least.
(faintly impatiently) Will you please come out?
(muses) No, sorry. If you get into trouble, though, I might help. So far you're the only person I've seen here.
(frowning) I hope you'll understand that I would rather not associate with someone I can't see.
(chuckles) You don't really have a choice, you know. But if you want to pretend I'm not here, you can.
(slightly exasperated) Fine. Were you awake to witness the alteration when it occurred, or did you fail to notice it, as I did?
(a little bit gleefully) I was distracted; I don't know any more than you do. This is much more fun than I expected vacation to be!
(-___-) This is rather less predictable than I expected vacation to be. I hardly dare to wonder what state we'll wake up in next.
[**this is where Eltea guessed mine**]
[YES 8D]
[Is yours B? XD]
[Nuuuu sorry.]
[...the Slash Dragon lol? XD]
[No, sorry. :P]
(sounding pleased) Isn't it fun? This is much better than the beach. The beach is boring.
[Umm. :P]
[*thinks about beaches*]
[The only thing I can think of is the unicorn guy from Merlin and I really doubt it's him. :P]
[Haha Anhora? XD]
[No, though he'd be funny. XD]
(sighs) I would greatly prefer the beach to this situation, personally; at least the beach doesn't shift temporal ranges without warning.
(chuckles) You're fun to listen to. Maybe I will help if something attacks you; this place would be a lot less interesting if there was nobody to watch.
[It's not an obscure one. XD]
(frowns at the most apparent source of the voice) What makes you think something will attack me? What are you doing here?
(pleased) Oh, I don't know; the place just feels different. I can tell. That's one of the perks of my job. You'll probably be all right, though. Maybe. I wonder what happened to the boy I was with? He's probably all right, too. He can take care of himself. Probably better than you can, actually. (considers) Well, I don't know. (gleefully) Oh, I wonder which one of you would survive in a competition. That would be interesting



(saunters down an abandoned hall, poking at the peeling wallpaper and generally choosing amusement over concern)
(is looking bewilderedly around, making his/her way through the hallway) Hello? *Name*? *Other name*? Is anybody there?
(waves and calls) Hey! What's shaking?
(gives the character a momentary funny look, then drops it and sighs slightly) I don't know. Do you know what's happened? I was sort of asleep…
(shrugs and smiles) I was, too. No clue what the hell all -- (waves a hand to indicate surroundings) -- this is, though. D'you think it'll happen again, and we'll eventually end up in the Middle Ages?
(ruefully) I don't know. I - (frowns slightly and points to where a gross-looking zombie thing is rounding the corner towards them) What's that?
(whirls around; blankly) Well, shit.
(a little bit nervously, but not sounding outright frightened, as the thing stumps towards them threateningly) Do - do you know what it is? Or…?
(blinking and taking a step back, reaching out for other character's arm to draw him/her along with) It looks like a fucking zombie, friend. Shall we?
(taking a step back as urged) Um, probab— (turns halfway and sees another two coming towards them from the other direction) Uh oh.
(sighs) Son of a bitch. (looks around for blunt objects) I vote we fight our way out and run like fucking hell.
[There's probably some scrap metal on the floor or something.]
(nods; slightly nervously) All - all right. Do you - (pauses) - never mind. I'll take the two over there? (points to the two)
(snatches up a piece of scrap metal, hefts it, and turns towards them) Allow me.
[them being the two zombies. :P]
(half-impressed, half-wary) All right, if you're sure. (turns to the one)
(kicks some zombie ass with gusto) Out of my vacation! OUT!
(takes out the single zombie rather easily with somewhat ambiguous weapon(s) and/or combat training, etc., because this character has slightly signature weapon(s) and/or combat training, etc. that would probably give it away)
(succeeds in the efficient destruction of the first zombie; dances away from the slightly more zealous second) Oh, fuck you, you undead bitch.
(turns around and helps, impressively but not in a show-off way)
(wipes his brow and considers the gore on his scrap metal) Thanks, mate.

Soooooo.... Guess away! :D

Round 1:
Eltea's Character (yellow):
Tierfal's Character (turquoise):

Round 2:
Eltea's Character (pink):
Tierfal's Character (green):

Round 3:
Eltea's Character (gray):
Tierfal's Character (red):

Round 4:
Eltea's Character (orange):
Tierfal's Character (purple):

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