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And Then Stuff Happened

I apologize for the comments today... my brain departed in the Post-Dim Sum Overeating Haze of Rapture. XD

I'm telling you guys. Befriend someone who speaks Mandarin, and find a dim sum place. XD

Or come visit me, and you can come with my family. 8D

Well, most of it was pretty unremarkable, but last night I WENT AND SAW eltea IN MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR AND IT WAS SOOOO FRIGGINGGGG EXCELLENTTTTTTTTTT.

And more repeated letters as well. 8D

Okay, for those of you who don't know, eltea has been part of a professional Shakespeare company for five seasons now. *I* joined the unquantifiable fun the summer before I went to college, and it was seriously the greatest thing I've ever done -- even though it's an absolutely incredible amount of work, because you audition in December and start rehearsing in, like, February, straight through May. And we do two venues: a free one in June, which is a half-hour drive from our hometown, and then paying shows in the park here in July.



My season, we did "Pericles, Prince of Tyre," which involves a great deal of traveling and getting shipwrecked, as a Tales of the Arabian Nights kind of thing. How many people can say they spent their summer being a harem dancer, a gypsy whore, and a vestal priestess ALL IN THE SAME SHOW? (Not to mention a starving person and an average citizen and a scene-shift pro. XD) We also did "Julius Caesar" with a distinctly post-modern, 1984-ish, totalitarian flavor, and it was an amazing show. Plus we got big guns. XD

Anyway, the company also does one non-Shakespeare show every season (my year it was Tartuffe by Molière, which I wasn't in). And this season, they're doing Merry Wives, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and The Jungle Book (not the Disney adaptation. They did Beauty and the Beast as adapted by our superfriggingfantastic director last year, and it was AMAZING).

AND MERRY WIVES WAS ROFLMAO-STYLE FUNNY, and eltea was the greatest Anne Page in the history of the universe plz. 8D

And since our company is the theatrical equivalent of the Mafia, such that once you're in, you're in, I helped run the table at the front and handed out programs and stuff.

Me, before the show: I think I may go mad with the power.
Eltea: And take over the world, one Shakespeare festival at a time?

...I'm working on it.

Anyway, I'm going to be Moth the fairy in Midsummer when it's at the venue down here. And it's going to be LEEEEGIIIIIT. that was yesterday. XD

Then I got up this morning and had sixty-three unread messages in my Inbox. XD

Okay. That's all I've got. XD

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