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Free Ice Cream

Better than Free Robots.

(Lame, recycled TEIN jokes are lame and recycled. XD Also, is it wrong that the angstbunny from a few months ago is what got me thinking about TEIN II again?)

Ummm... this morning I found lots of really perceptive Death Note fanart here.

These are my favorites. Uh, *SPOILERS*. XD


/*spoilers* XD

Aaaannnnddd... then eltea and I went and hung out downtown, 'cause we're pimps like that. Also, I had a coupon for free ice cream. It tastes better when you don't pay anything, seriously. XD

Topics of conversation for the afternoon included underwhelmed-ness at the Honeydew Syndrome ending, things that should get crossed over with Doctor Who (and how one should go about it), what kinds of characters should get to carry katanas, performing Shakespeare and analyzing Shakespeare, tying Shakespeare into the oppressive ridiculousness of societal expectations, how liberating it is to abandon the instinct to pursue '50s-approved picket fences, threesomes in Australia, marrying your best friend, the versatility of minor Death Note characters, Twilight hate, and various other things I forget. XD

And look who we found in Borders!! 8D

...if there had been an L one, I would've shelled out the eighteen bucks, fed the franchise, and made space on my wall, but I judiciously decided that I didn't want either Ryuk or Kira!Light staring down at me while I slept. XD

Bit of a pity; how much roommate-scarring potential would THAT have? 8D

Speaking of Kira, I saw a sticker in a window that said "NKBA" and totally read "NKIRA."

N-Kira -- twice as good as X-Kira, at half the cost! XD

Uhhh, yeah.

So. XD

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