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31 March 2008 @ 03:57 pm
I'm too sleepy to have much of anything of value to say... but that's okay.  That's also what I get for staying up until three Saturday night and then one last night and then having to get up this morning...

One of these days I'll review "Enchanted" and "The Prestige," both of which I saw over the weekend, but that will have to wait until I am not feeling quite contentedly lazy.

Laziness is good for you.  Hush.  Your mother lied.

Script Frenzy starts in eight hours... Oh, goodness.  Of course, as was the case for EA,I  gave [info]eltea a couple scenes and some half-formed ideas, and she gave me a plot, complete with climax and conclusion.  Because she is DA BOMB like that.

In other news, if you haven't seen They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard, your life is utterly incomplete.  While watching it last night (by which I mean morning), I also discovered Why Is the Rum Gone?, which isn't quite as good, but which is nonetheless amusing.  The best part may just be all the random crap that ended up in there... like Pikachu... and my old friends the Teletubbies... and Jack Bauer...

Yup.  Jack Bauer.

I spent pretty much the entire day listening to Backyardigans music almost nonstop.  With anyone else, this would be a strange occurrence.


EDIT:  HA!  Someone put HP video to Why Is the Rum Gone? here.  (Hermione knows why the rum is gone, and she is going to tell you.)
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That'ssomandalicious on April 1st, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)
I'm just stopping in to say that I just watched Pride & Prejudice for the first time last night.

And fell directly in love with Mr.Darcy and his sway emo haircut and his Lloyd Dobbler stalking. *le sigh* Why can't Trouble be more like him? Hmm.

Granted, I love the book and of course enjoyed the BBC and all of Colin Firth's awesomeness and even enjoyed Bride & Prejudice, the bollywood Production (hilarious, completely and utterly hilarious) but nothing tops this version. NOTHING. It's so tragically beautiful.

That is all.

I'd watch your links so that my life wouldn't be utterly incomplete, but regretfully my soundcard isn't installed. I know. How do I LIVE? 8th world wonder, I suppose.
Vitamin Ctierfal on April 2nd, 2008 12:21 am (UTC)
I haven't actually seen P & P. I think now I might just have to. :D

And I definitely think real boys could learn a very great deal from fictional ones. Especially fictional ones created by women.

I think you are pretty much the eight wonder, if you can survive without a soundcard. XD