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24 July 2009 @ 07:47 pm
Or in bees, if you prefer.

Okay, so this duo of memes only took... all... day... XDDD

No, I went out to lunch with my mom, my sister, and my brother, and I had chocolate-mocha cake and licked the plate. Other than that... yeah, all day. XD


For which I was tagged by crazyboutremmy. :D

Firstly: If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.
Secondly: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you. WATCH ME, BITCH! 8D

Lots of pillows or just one?
I kind of like lots, but I really only use one. XD eltea has a bunch, for a more nest-ish effect, which I think is awesome. :D

What kind of books do you read?
To a certain extent, anything fun, but high fantasy is what I come home to. :3

What are your most awesome skills?
Probably filling out memes. Seriously, guys. Look at me go. O_O

What's your dream job?
Hobo. I mean, author. XD

What's really creepy?
Me, probably. 8D Personally, spiders... and I'm going with abitofadork7 -- clowns are a no. XD Though, like, party clowns are okay. It's just pointy-teeth-evil clowns that give me the shivers. XD

What's a fandom you would like to get into?
I would say Doctor Who, but it sounds like the ship wars will get you killed. So rather than "get into," maybe "contribute to." XD

What are you listening to?
Uhh. "Perfect Day" by CASCADA? XD

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
Yahoo! Mail. LJ. deviantART. My school email. IAmExciting.com. XD

What was the last thing you bought?
A book called Bullies, Bastards, and Bitches that I saw today, which is about how to write compelling villains. Because writing good villains is really difficult, and... yeah. I like the title. XDD

Pie, cake or cookies?
...pie. Though cookies are more accessible, which is a major plus. And you can't knock cake. You just can't. 8D

Do you get cravings? If so, what do you crave?
Chocolate. Juice. Your soul. *shrugs* ...oh, and smutty fanfic. Y'know. XD

What do you do to change your mood?
Sign online and talk to eltea. XD And/or turn on really mortifying pop/dance music and bounce around. And/or clean up my desk. And/or write really lousy angst fic. XD

What is your zodiac sign?
Virgo. It's actually a little annoying; it feels like a prohibition. +1 to awkward. 8D

Do you want to learn another language?
Uhh... Apparently I do, since I signed myself up to start Swedish in... T minus one month. o_o;;

Five things you can't live without.
eltea. jenwryn. My weird-ass family. Chocolate. Writing, preferably on the computer. XD Six would be the computer itself, and seven would be the internet. XD

What is one song you could listen to repeatedly without ever getting tired of it?
A lot of things -- when I get new music, particularly one new song, I really do tend to listen to it on repeat for at least a day. Fortunately, I usually have headphones. XD

What are you looking forward to?
Performing Midsummer again this Sunday. :3 Other than that... not much; I'm terrified of next semester, even though I've lined up classes that sound good -- I really don't want to have to figure out what to do with the rest of my life, but I'm running out of time, and it all just scares me shitless. XD

Say something to the person who tagged you:
I LOVE YOU. :3 No, seriously; you're one of the most vibrant people I've ever met, and you're going to do amazing things for yourself and for the world. ♥

And now for something completely different.


Snagged from the_gabih's frigging amazing one because eltea insisted that I do it and I am her bitch. XD

Pick 10 characters from whatever fandoms you like — and pick LJ usernames for them. Don’t peek at the questions until you’ve made your list!

I got eltea to pick them for me, because I suck. XD

1. Mello (Death Note) - sexandcandy
2. Harry Potter (Duh) - hide_and_seeker ["voldemort_is_a_pussy" was a little too long]
3. Yadrogan S. Gazanvoer (Cataracta) - filthy-kinkin-rich
4. Morgana (Merlin) - Your_Best_Nightmare
5. Near (Death Note) - whiteout
6. The Slash Dragon (Merlin) - winging_it
7. Tonks (Harry Potter) - polychromepunk
8. Vincent Duval (...this guy) - vin_de_la_vie
9. The Doctor (Doctor Who) - Chuck_It
10. Beyond Birthday (Death Note) - .jam.b.oree.

(1) What’s the title and subtitle of 1’s (Mello's) journal?

Matt Is Mine, Bitch
no seriously touch him and i will fuck you the fuck up

(2) What does 9’s (the Doctor's) default user icon look like? What other icons does 9 have?

Probably the "Dust Off Your Converse; Time to Save the Universe" one. Which I spent literally half an hour looking for and couldn't find. XD

He'd have a "Trust Me; I'm a Doctor" one, too, and some of the TARDIS, and ones of him hanging out with his companions. :D

(3) What is 2’s (Harry Potter's) favorite community? (real or imagined) How does he/she participate?

You know there would be a Quidditch comm. Hell, there probably is a Quidditch comm, full of people making up imaginary stats and shit. A comm I hope none of you are in now that I have turned my nose up at the very abstract concept. I think there would also be a member-locked equivalent of the resistance radio station, and he'd contribute to both of them. XD

(4) Give us a sample of 5’s (Near's) interest list.

architecture, brainteasers, cases, cuddling, deductive reasoning, dostoyevsky, gevanni, 'justice', l, light, matt, mello, mikami, mindgames, models, pajamas, puzzles, robots, slightly questionable surveillance, subordinates, surrogate parents, toys, trains, winning

(5) 6 and 1 (The Slash Dragon and Mello, oh dear God XD) get in a virtual slapfight about something. What is it? How does it end?

It's probably a pairing war. The Slash Dragon probably tried to set Matt up with Near, and now Mello, as promised, is going to fuck him the fuck up. XD

(6) 10, 3, and 7 (Beyond Birthday, Yadrogan, and Tonks) are co-mods of a community. What is it?

Okay, first of all, I'm dying laughing over here. XD

Second of all, I almost have to say it would be something about really weird fetishes. You know. Like, Fetishes_R_Us.

Well, come on. :P B clearly has a huge boner for cosplay and a jam fetish, and Tonks is into werewolves, and Yadrogan is into... everything that moves and/or appears to have a sex drive. XD

(7) 8 (Vincent) posts a secret to lj_secret or fandomsecrets: what does it look like and what does it say?

I ship Belle and the prince in "Beauty and the Beast."

Also, I ship Maion/Belial/me.

And me/Arnald.

It's a good thing I've been damned since 1785.

(8) Of 1 (Mello), 3 (Yadrogan), 5 (Near), 7 (Tonks), and 9 (the Doctor), who is most likely to:

(a) post every meme he/she comes across?

I think Tonks would have interesting things to say every time. :D Like, you know, "Yeah, I would date an older guy. Yeah, I would date someone with a condition that was discriminated against. Yeah, I would date someone my mother didn't like. Yeah, I would date YOU, WOLFSBANE75. -_____-"

(b) F-Lock their entire journal?

Near in a second. XD Mello might lock selectively and then pointedly leave public posts about people who pinched Matt's ass in clubs, whom he then took to the back parking lot in order to rip their throats out.

(c) write pr0n?

Yadrogan. About himself. O_o

(d) get banned from every community he/she signs up at?

Near might tell people outright how insipidly stupid they all are. XD And Mello pisses people off just by breathing, so he's a good candidate, too. Then again, Yadrogan might have all sorts of inappropriate things to say to people and would probably make a hobby of going around inventing innuendos about people's userpics. 8D

(e) attract anonymous stalker comments?

I think all of them would, but the Doctor in particular -- because, the way I see it, he'd be blogging about all the great places he'd been and showing pictures, and he'd make the mistake of catching himself in one, and then he'd get marriage proposals. XD

[Okay, here, I was like, "wtf, ten characters does not match with nine questions, and Character 4 doesn't get any action; halp, eltea!", so she made up the following one. XD]

(9) 4 (Morgana) is the mod of a community, and 7 (Tonks) wants to join but doesn't want anyone to know, so s/he does so under a different account. What is the community?

Probably something like "men_suck." XD And Tonks-under-alias would be like, "MY MAN HAS DEVELOPED THE BIGGEST INSECURITY COMPLEX KNOWN TO WIZARD MAN," and Morgana would be like, "Babe, consider yourself lucky." XD

(10) 2 (Harry Potter) and 6 (the Slash Dragon) are in a relationship IRL, but 8 (Vincent) finds out that 10 (Beyond Birthday) has been sending sexy PMs to 2 (Harry Potter). 8 (Vincent) asks 4’s (Morgana's) advice, and 4 (Morgana) blurts out the gossip all over his/her LJ. Write a little of the comment thread that follows.

Oh dear Christ I got carried away. Consider this the weirdest crossover crackfic ever written.

[The way the_gabih did it was really awesome, in an IM-ish story style, so I tried that. ^^ And this is more in the spirit of the scenario than strictly-the-instructions. XD]

I'm not elitist; I'm merely superior (vin_de_la_vie) is online.

Morgana (Your_Best_Nightmare) has signed on.

vin_de_la_vie: Morgana?

Your_Best_Nightmare: Yes?

vin_de_la_vie: I have a slightly awkward question.

Your_Best_Nightmare: ...oh?

vin_de_la_vie: How to explain...

Your_Best_Nightmare: ...

vin_de_la_vie: Well, I believe we're all aware that Beyond has a bit of an... obsessive personality.

Your_Best_Nightmare: Understatement.

vin_de_la_vie: I was attempting to be tactful.

Your_Best_Nightmare: I share a castle with Arthur. What's "tact"?

vin_de_la_vie: Point taken.

Your_Best_Nightmare: Quite. What about B?

vin_de_la_vie: I think he has noticed that Mr. Potter is orphaned, talented, and possessed of messy black hair.

Your_Best_Nightmare: ...

vin_de_la_vie: Yes.

Your_Best_Nightmare: Uh oh.

vin_de_la_vie: Yes.

Your_Best_Nightmare: Uh oh.

vin_de_la_vie: Yes.

Your_Best_Nightmare: Is Harry reciprocating?

vin_de_la_vie: I can't say. The only reason I'm aware of this at all is that Beyond mixed up his instant message windows chatting with me earlier.

Your_Best_Nightmare: ...what in the world do you and he talk about?

vin_de_la_vie: ...

Your_Best_Nightmare: ...

vin_de_la_vie: *cough* ...killing people?

Your_Best_Nightmare: VINCENT!

vin_de_la_vie: It's that or I starve.

Your_Best_Nightmare: I know that, but don't encourage him!!

vin_de_la_vie: I concede the point. In any case, what do you think we should do?

Your_Best_Nightmare: I'll take care of it.

vin_de_la_vie: I hope you aren't planning to incinerate him with your mind.

Your_Best_Nightmare: I considered it.

vin_de_la_vie: I'm going to have trouble sleeping this morning.

Your_Best_Nightmare: Good. I'll talk to you later, Vincent; Arthur's trying to cause another plague.

vin_de_la_vie: If the rivers turn to blood, let me know.

Your_Best_Nightmare: Ha.

Morgana (Your_Best_Nightmare) has signed off.

[Twenty minutes later.]

HP (hide_and_seeker) has signed on.

hide_and_seeker: VINCENTTTTTTT

vin_de_la_vie: Don't wear it out.

hide_and_seeker: i can't believe B told you about that!!

vin_de_la_vie: Good heavens, that woman works fast. Oh, yes, there's the entry... oh, my.


vin_de_la_vie: Is he not invited to your birthday party?

hide_and_seeker: ...

vin_de_la_vie: ...

hide_and_seeker: god damn it I wish avada kedavra worked over the internet

vin_de_la_vie: What's the phrase?

hide_and_seeker: huh?

vin_de_la_vie: "lol."

hide_and_seeker: i hate you.

arthurxmerlin 4evr (winging_it) has signed on.

hide_and_seeker: oh shit hide me

HP (hide_and_seeker) is Away.

vin_de_la_vie: Ha, because your username is... never mind.

winging_it: Hello.

vin_de_la_vie: Hello.

winging_it: I hope dear Harry didn't interrupt your conversation on my account.

vin_de_la_vie: He's the Chosen One; who knows what he was doing.

HP (hide_and_seeker) has returned from Away.

hide_and_seeker: I HEARD THAT

HP (hide_and_seeker) is Away.

vin_de_la_vie: Ha.

winging_it: Hmm. What's all this I hear about... Beyond Birthday? Is that really his name?

vin_de_la_vie: It's difficult to tell with sociopaths.

BB (.jam.b.oree.) has signed on.

.jam.b.oree.: i know it's hard to swallow.

vin_de_la_vie: Skulking around on Invisible, eh? Morgana was right; I shouldn't give you any ideas.

winging_it: What's beyond your birthday? Your anniversary, perhaps?

.jam.b.oree.: never heard -that- one before.

winging_it: Hmm. What exactly were you saying to Harry?

.jam.b.oree.: are you sure you want to hear this?

HP (hide_and_seeker) has returned from Away.

hide_and_seeker: IT'S NOT MY FAULT

HP (hide_and_seeker) is Away.

winging_it: I'm hacking into my worst enemy's wireless internet from a bat-infested cave beneath his fortress. Try me.

.jam.b.oree.: i forget exactly. it involves rope. and enclosed spaces. and jam.

winging_it: ...

.jam.b.oree.: a -lot- of jam.

vin_de_la_vie: This is like a train wreck.

winging_it: ...

.jam.b.oree.: you asked.

winging_it: ...what kind of jam?

.jam.b.oree.: strawberry.

winging_it: Hold on. Give me a second. So -- would it be fair to say that -- he's like the peanut butter to your jelly?

.jam.b.oree.: ...

vin_de_la_vie: I may vomit; please stand by.

winging_it: Send me a picture, Beyond?

.jam.b.oree.: ...okay...

BB (.jam.b.oree.) has requested an Image Transfer.

arthurxmerlin 4evr (winging_it) has accepted an Image Transfer.

winging_it: Ooh.

.jam.b.oree.: what the hell does that mean?

winging_it: It means I ship you, dear boy.

vin_de_la_vie: Definitely vomiting.

I'm not elitist; I'm merely superior (vin_de_la_vie) is Away.

.jam.b.oree.: you lost me.

winging_it: On the contrary, Beyond, I have found you. Harry, please stop pretending you aren't monitoring every word of this.

HP (hide_and_seeker) has returned from Away.

hide_and_seeker: so it's okay?

winging_it: Of course it's okay. He's the perfect leafy top to your rich, plump, lusciously juicy strawberry, my boy.

I'm not elitist; I'm merely superior (vin_de_la_vie) has returned from Away.

vin_de_la_vie: What did I miss?

hide_and_seeker: uh

vin_de_la_vie: OH DEAR GOD

I'm not elitist; I'm merely superior (vin_de_la_vie) is Away.

.jam.b.oree.: awfully weak stomach for a vampire.

winging_it: Quite. So, Beyond, what do you do for a living?

.jam.b.oree.: ...kill people?

winging_it: Really?

.jam.b.oree.: i can see when people are going to die.

winging_it: Really?

.jam.b.oree.: yes.

winging_it: ...do you take commissions?

.jam.b.oree.: pm me.

Morgana (Your_Best_Nightmare) has signed on.

Your_Best_Nightmare: I feel like I've stepped onto a minefield.

hide_and_seeker: surprisingly, no-one's dead!!

Your_Best_Nightmare: Wonders never cease.

winging_it: Hello, Morgana. Have you and Gwen spoken lately?

Your_Best_Nightmare: That's none of your business. Where's Vincent?

hide_and_seeker: okay, we're not sure if he's dead or not

Your_Best_Nightmare: I don't even want to know.

.jam.b.oree.: you really don't.

Yadrogan S. Gazanvoer (filthy-kinkin-rich) has signed on.

filthy-kinkin-rich: HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS HAVE TO HEAR oh, damn it, did i miss the whole thing?

Your_Best_Nightmare: Yes.

.jam.b.oree.: yes.

hide_and_seeker: pretty much.

winging_it: ...have you and Alacris spoken lately?

filth-kinkin-rich: I HATE YOU ALL.

Yadrogan S. Gazanvoer (filthy-kinkin-rich) has signed off.

...oh, my God. XD


Feeling: weirdweird
On the Radio: "Sober" - P!nk
Miz J: pinkmissusjackson on July 25th, 2009 04:23 am (UTC)

*iz stealing*
Vitamin C: Charles - Bluetierfal on July 25th, 2009 06:00 pm (UTC)
IKR. I need a life Definitely my new-favorite way to spend an entire afternoon. XDD
crazyboutremmycrazyboutremmy on July 25th, 2009 05:09 am (UTC)
I LOVE YOU TOO! *glomps*

OMG, I want to do the second meme (because it is fucking kickass) but I don't know which ten characters to pick, whut? o_o
Vitamin C: Matsudatierfal on July 25th, 2009 06:02 pm (UTC)
*return glomps!* :3

I couldn't figure out which ones to do. XD I think the best strategy is... people who are especially quirky or definitive, avoiding ones that would kill your soul if they ended up in the "____ and ____ are in a relationship in RL" question. XDD
passthebutter: death note mello/near on chestpassthebutter on July 25th, 2009 05:30 am (UTC)
Hahahahahha that meme was awesome. Even if the chat log lost me. XD
Vitamin C: Mello - Reasonabletierfal on July 25th, 2009 06:03 pm (UTC)
It was absurdly fun. XD

In relatively-short... Vincent is amused by B making a move on Harry, Morgana posts telling him to stop being a creepy freak, Harry flails, Vincent is still amused, Harry's boyfriend the Slash Dragon turns out to be okay with it because he ships Harry and B, and Vincent is ill. XD
Rex: DN - Bunny Light + Nearicequeenrex on July 25th, 2009 07:14 am (UTC)
You are awesome. XD I lol'd so hard at the second meme!

*is going to dooooo*

Heh, I know all about being smothered in memes. They stalk my dreams. O_O
Vitamin C: Charles - Bluetierfal on July 25th, 2009 06:04 pm (UTC)
\o/ 8D

DO EET. It's ridiculously fun. XD

And ikr; they're the Freddy Kreugers of the internet!! XD
Emma Daiou: what theemmadaiou28 on July 25th, 2009 08:44 am (UTC)
Holy crap, I don't even know most of the characters, and STILL that chatroom log is hilarious. XD

(And the scary realization that, yes, BB really might go for Harry? That's just epic. XD)
Vitamin C: Charles - Bluetierfal on July 25th, 2009 06:06 pm (UTC)
lol, I'm glad to hear it! XD They're mostly self-explanatory, I guess. XD

(I was dying laughing when I first filled them in, and then I was like, "Why the hell would B be intere... wait, oh no!" XD)
(Deleted comment)
Vitamin C: Misatierfal on July 25th, 2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
Eeee, I love you, too! :3


I totally love secret-perv!Near, so it all works out well for me that way. XDD

Bahaha. XD Apologies to both yogurt and keyboard! XD
I MUST: ListenArthursabriel75 on July 25th, 2009 01:45 pm (UTC)
Meme overload ~ 2
Entertainment Value ~ 10
Giggle fits ~ about 5 2 10
Smiles ~ sporting one still as I log off to go feed my son breakfast...

that was fun!
Vitamin C: Charles - Bluetierfal on July 25th, 2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
Hooray! 8D I'm glad you enjoyed it!! ^^
marissaabitofadork7 on July 25th, 2009 10:29 pm (UTC)
Wassup? Felt like dropping by, although I have nothing of interest to say...


And, yeah, clowns = NO

Okay. I'm done. XD

Vitamin C: Charles - Bluetierfal on July 25th, 2009 10:53 pm (UTC)
Hello! XD


*hugs* :3
marissaabitofadork7 on July 26th, 2009 01:29 pm (UTC)


I do love hugs...XD
goddess of this and that: mxmhappy_mystic on August 24th, 2011 03:22 am (UTC)
Okay, I clearly have a problem because I'm spending my evening going over my friends' old journal entries.

But I saw your comment about Near being interested in WINNING and now I have a mental image of Mello doing Charlie Sheen's rant. :P