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Well, shit.

Advantages of swearing?

I'll take it. XD

I made a spreadsheet today and filled in funding and application information for the first ten of the twenty-five best English departments in the U.S. Some of the website designers should be shot. Some of them should have it explained to them that being ambiguous about requirements does not make you esoteric; it makes you incredibly obnoxious.

I'm looking at YOU, Penn and Princeton.

University of Chicago is also in my black books.

Duke is looking nice, Cornell is friendly, and Stanford charges thirty dollars more for the application than anyone else.

So basically, nothing is new. XD

The highlight of the experience by a considerable distance was the fact that one of Cornell pages had a big picture of a guy who looks a lot like Zach Braff.

Will the real Zach Braff please stand up?

I also discovered, while rinsing some, that blueberries float. I found this very exciting. When I managed to get the giggling under control, I reassured my mother that, yes, I am applying to the best grad schools in the country.

lol. Blueberries. XD

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