Vitamin C (tierfal) wrote,
Vitamin C

At least it's a fun word.

I am frazzled.

Yes, children. Frazzled.

Also, I really don't like the thirteenth chapter of "Chocolate," but there really isn't time to do much about it, and I'm kind of past the point of caring. XD And... whatever. I wrote it when I wanted to be sleeping, and I've been exhausted every time I've looked at it, and if it wasn't probably the second most important chapter in the entire fic, I wouldn't be worried at all. XD Have the pointlessly gritty details. XD

Thursday night:

tierfal (11:09:57 PM): So I haven't made much progress on my Mystery/Humor fanfiction, but I did get inspired for my fifteen-page academic paper.
tierfal (11:10:02 PM): I have issues like a weekly magazine. :P

Okay, so I obviously finished it.

At three in the morning.

But that's nothing new. XD

The following testimonial was jotted down in segments as I wrote the chapter. It doesn't get much realer than this. Except when it does.

~ 1:00 AM: A part that was supposed to be fluffy careened off the road and smashed its headlights and turned out slightly dark. ._.

That's probably what I get for binging on Within Temptation again. XD

~1:30 AM: Writing and spot-editing both, I was compulsively changing sentences until they fit into a rhythm I liked. I usually pay a lot of attention to how things flow, but not in a can't-even-write-this-line-because-it-won't-fit kind of way. O_o

Fffffffffffff. Fff.

~2:00 AM As always, I had more material than I thought I did, which means... the usual. More fillery-stuff around the real-stuff than is remotely necessary, because I calculated wrong. XD

I would say I ruined a lot of really good stuff with my sleep-deprived let-this-be-over attack plan, but nobody's noticed before now, and I guess that's all that matters. XD

~ 2:30 AM: I kind of freaked myself out listening to the "Van Helsing" soundtrack writing the last scene. It was fun. (Though nothing will ever compare to the experience of writing Mortals alone in the kitchen of my apartment at four AM. That was terror. XD)

So then I got to do that thing where I performed a three-hour show on six-ish hours of sleep. (Went well. Other than cracking my staff two minutes before having to go onstage with it. And turning the bower around clockwise instead of counter-clockwise and yanking out the cord that makes the Christmas lights go. And being slow on that fucking line again. XD Makeup looked fantastic. Sparkles never die.)

I was going to stay up as long as it took afterward to write a winning brigits_flame entry, but instead I passed out in bed just after two, because I was TIRED. XD Which blows, because tonight I'll be marathoning "Doctor Who" with eltea, and the sooner I get over there, the sooner we can start, and and and and I'm STUCK, GUYS, and it's LAME. @_@

I have an idea that we both worked on hammering out, and it's really cool, but it's just deadlocked in my brain atm. I'm working on it. ajklfdjslkfds. XD


Please kill me. XD

I should go get back to that now. Wheeeeee. >_>

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