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02 April 2008 @ 06:18 pm
I like making up interjections, if it wasn't painfully obvious.

O, the pain.  O, O, O, O, O.

I have a veritable crapload of stuff due/happening on Friday, and I haven't done/prepared for any of it.  Instead I have indulged my perverted little mind by looking at lots of pretty animé slash stuff on deviantART.  Like you do.

I can draw Brian... and... Brian...

This is old, by dee way.  I've been doodling Brian nonstop in notes margins lately, but I haven't scanned anything since that cast party and haven't colored anything in... months. @_@

The H tattoo is explicable within the scenario (he doesn't have that all the time, no), but I am... way too lazy to explain.  Plus then nefarious people could steal my and eltea's brainchildren.  Which would be bad.


Background equals lolz.  What's a background?

I think I may have gotten overzealous with my shadowing...

*pets Brian*

*is happier*

Brian's Curls: *BOING*

Everybody with a Soul: ^_^!
Feeling: listlesslistless