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Today I was miserable and anxious for hours going through GRE-ish stuff and freaking out about how much I have to do for applications. Then I talked to eltea and listened to some crappy pop music and felt better. Then I posted a fic. Then I clipped a corner walking around my house, which doesn't quite count as running into a wall but is close.

This pretty much sums up my entire life in one day. XD

I think my mom's finally processed the fact that I feel cripplingly overwhelmed, however, because she's gone from "You only have a week left; to stop being lazy and do it" to "You've already done all the hard work; it's just a couple more things!"

So tonight I'm going to try to sign up to take the stupid GRE and then the English subject test, and then I'm going to make a distinct effort to stay up until I've written my personal statement. Because hell, I stay up writing fic all the time, and it's the only time I get any of that done.

idk, I knew how to sit down and work for stuff I wanted when I was in high school -- as in, the last time I had to string together applications and all that crap -- but these days, I just want to go curl up in a ball in the corner and pretend that I'm not about to consign myself to an even more difficult future.

O WOES and so on. XD

The fic is Saint Sirius at metamorfic_moon, and it's a tiny bit epic. XD

Like, the "Sirius sets up Remus and Tonks in a Voldemort-less AU, and hijinks ensue" kind of tiny bit epic. XD


Holy craaaaaaap, man. I loved that show so much. The episode in the castle was just like... the coolest thing in my little nineties child world. *_____*

I still know pretty much the entire song. My brother and I were singing it the other day. Just because. XD

Yeah, I... don't know. I give up. XD

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