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The chameleon circuit is definitely working.

I got abitofadork's postcard today!! :3 Thank you, hon; it's gorgeous! ^^

Today's revelation: eltea (4:23:38 PM): (Also you know who else I realized is definitely a time lord? XD)

The secret's out.

SEATBELTS, EVERYONE! 8D, seriously, all the science I learned as a child was from the Magic School Bus and Bill Nye, the Science Guy. (Who is still hilarious, by the way.) And Eyewitness books. And a bit of the Discovery Channel. :D

Okay, in case any of you missed the books and the show as children... this. :3 I grinned through the whole thing watching this again for the first time in... God, probably a decade. XD

The only other Me News is that... I finally wrote that effing personal statement yesterday. XD It just needs editing. Lots of editing. :|

I've also been reading through eltea's NaNo masterpiece and offering suggestions. I SHIP JAMES/PAOLO AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME.

I also ship me/Toni. Despite the fact that he's fifteen, so that's sick, wrong, and illegal. :D

Well, like I say--

tierfal (4:47:45 PM): [If we're going to go to hell, let's do it in style, with much fanfare and horrible soul-death slash ships plz. :P]

Ummmmm... I'm also working on the stuff for the character... meme... thing. Still. icequeenrex's grew big white ears and bunny teeth. XD

I will distract you with a tap dance.

*tap dance* XD

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