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The Story of My Day

So I had this idea like I was going to get things done today...

And I was actually off to a semi-decent start before lunch. Other than the subconscious sugar cravings.

tierfal (12:17:50 PM): Okay, I know I need food; I just wrote "I'm glad it came through that way" as "I'm glad it cake through"... XD
tierfal (12:17:58 PM): Freud: LOL! 8D

And then I ended up watching three episodes of the Death Note anime instead of being remotely productive. :D

I actually selected one pretty much randomly, not knowing which titles corresponded to what, and it happened to be the one where the Yotsuba arc actually begins, which is the one I wanted anyway. See? Procrastination has MAGICAL PROPERTIES.

Anyway, please enjoy the idiotic commentary I kept spamming eltea with while she tried to get things done. XD Be aware that I've only watched a couple episodes of the anime, 'cause... I dunno, I never got around to it, but I know manga canon... well. Very well. XD

tierfal (5:33:26 PM): lol Death Note anime lol WHOSE idea was it to make Matsuda's Thinking Color yellow so that he looks like a surfer when his hair goes blond? XD
tierfal (5:33:46 PM): omg they even dyed his eyebrows to match. XD

tierfal (5:35:35 PM): It's like... pretty well-done, but not as well-done with the manga, so it's a little disappointing that way. Which I guess is inevitable. XD
tierfal (5:36:14 PM): Also I'm pretty sure Wedy and Mello are distantly related.

tierfal (5:48:01 PM): wtf are you kidding me so Light's holding out the phone so that they can all hear Misa and Matsuda talking on her other phone, and L's sitting right next to him but grabs his sleeve to get his attention SRSLY WRITERS DID WE THINK ANYONE WOULD MISS THIS UST?
tierfal (5:48:06 PM): /lol this show *shakes head*

tierfal (5:51:26 PM): Also, I love that L's like, "You'll have to die before they can kill you," and then they start playing the super-dramatic choral music, and then there's a pause, and then Matsuda goes, "Eh--? No way!", like L's telling him to take cyanide capsules or something. XD

tierfal (5:54:25 PM): ...where the hell does L get an ambulance on such short notice? And how does he get the COSTUMES to go with it?
tierfal (5:54:43 PM): /now convinced that they saw one on the street, knocked out the drivers, and stole their clothes

tierfal (5:56:09 PM): Oh, no wonder people talk about Soichiro being in love with Matsuda all the time; he doesn't come up and pat Matsuda's shoulder and nod approvingly in the manga. XD
tierfal (5:56:20 PM): /all these revelations in full Technicolor!

tierfal (5:59:47 PM): LOL the DRAMA! XD
eltea (5:59:54 PM): XD
tierfal (6:00:04 PM): "One of these people is Kira..." "But there are supposed to be eight -- why are there only SEVEN???? :O :O :O :O"
tierfal (6:00:30 PM): Maybe it's just because you don't get the inflections with text, so you can make it as dramatic or not-dramatic as you want. XD
eltea (6:00:41 PM): XD
tierfal (6:00:40 PM): And my in-my-head-reading-voice is really low-key. :P

tierfal (6:01:07 PM): I should probably go do something productive now. XD
eltea (6:01:17 PM): Hahahaha. XD
tierfal (6:01:18 PM): XD
tierfal (6:04:07 PM): ....maybe I'll watch the next episode instead of getting dinner. XD'

eltea (6:08:14 PM): XD!
tierfal (6:08:11 PM): I GUESS I'LL WATCH IT
tierfal (6:08:34 PM): And by "started by itself," I mean, "my hand went to the "File" menu, selected "open file," and found the first part of the next episode. XD

tierfal (6:09:35 PM): wtf Namikawa's voice [as in, the guy who voices Namikawa] hits every T so hard. :P
eltea (6:09:43 PM): XD!
tierfal (6:09:56 PM): "Kira has shown us that we musT be comiTTed. To be honesT, I'm kind of glad about HaTori's death."

tierfal (6:17:19 PM): Whoaaaaa, Soichiro's mouth was HUUUUGE a second ago. :P
eltea (6:17:26 PM): :P!
tierfal (6:17:29 PM): XD
tierfal (6:19:16 PM): I love that L and Light both shout "Namikawa!" as far as who isn't Kira but is most influential, and Matsuda shouts "Ooi!" and gets shut down, but he's totally right. XD
eltea (6:19:32 PM): Hahahaha. XD
tierfal (6:19:33 PM): Poor Matsu. :P

tierfal (6:21:26 PM): Aww, when Light's epic-pwning in the conversation with Namikawa, his dad's standing behind him looking proud. XD
eltea (6:21:35 PM): :D!
eltea (6:21:37 PM): ^_^
tierfal (6:21:37 PM): Well, proud, confused, and intrigued. :P

tierfal (6:23:13 PM): Okay, so... it's totally easy for Hatori and Mido to listen to Matsuda's conversation with Misa in the other room [earlier on] if he just holds the phone a little ways from his ear -- and then his conversation with L, likewise -- but no one hears a word of Light on Namikawa's phone? XD
tierfal (6:23:16 PM): lol I love you Death Note. XD
eltea (6:23:29 PM): Haha. XD
tierfal (6:23:43 PM): Guys next to Namikawa: Gee, whoever he's talking to sounds awfully intense and robotic. I'm sure it's nothing.

tierfal (6:31:53 PM): Whoa Mogi why so studly? :P

tierfal (6:34:02 PM): omg this wasn't in the manga. XD
tierfal (6:34:17 PM): When L is trying to get Misa on his side, Light keeps hauling back on the chain trying to drag him away. XDDD
eltea (6:34:29 PM): Haha! XD
tierfal (6:34:29 PM): XD
tierfal (6:34:31 PM): I approve of this. :P
tierfal (6:34:49 PM): Maybe just because I have them abuse that thing so much dragging each other around and strangling each other and shit like that. XD

tierfal (6:38:43 PM): "Come on, L, now you're just playing dirty."
eltea (6:38:52 PM): :P
tierfal (6:39:06 PM): (a) This from would-be-Kira? Nice. Nice.


And now the disk won't eject from my computer, which is probably a sign from the Death Note Gods. Not to be confused with the Death Gods of Death Note. ...yeah, it's one of those days. XD

...I just heard the song blaring from someone's car on the street below. I'm pretty sure it was just a radio commercial, but I'm still amused. XD

Also, I think the dampness of the air here, imposed by the nearby body of water, is totally effing with my internal temperature, because it got up almost to eighty today, and I was freezing. XD

It's 9 PM. In exactly twelve hours, I'm going to be starting my first class. XD

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