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31 August 2009 @ 09:33 pm
Mycket bra.  
...it means "very good" in Swedish. 8D

Ummm... I love the internet.

Take me with you.

...take me with you, too!

Also, I am dead tired. XD

Actually, I've been going to bed strikingly consistently -- like, close-to-eight hours every single night-type consistently. I don't think I've been this good about it since... like, high school, haha. XD I dunno, I guess some part of me is acutely aware of the fact that I'm just going to DIE if I don't get enough sleep. Like, DIEEEE.

...case in point.

It's time for our old friends the bullet points.

You know you missed them.

- I think that every time I greet people now, I'm going to say "Hej!", and they'll never realize I'm saying hello in Swedish instead of "Hey" in English.

...unless I get too excited about it and follow up with "Hur är det?" XD

- My Theater 11 teacher's favorite words are "rigorous" and "endeavor," sometimes but not always in conjunction. That aside, he said some things about acting that make me feel a zillion times better about my own approach to it -- because, as with everything in my live-out-of-my-head life, I take what April always called "an intellectual approach," and he was telling us that all that "YOU MUST FEEL WHAT YOUR CHARACTER IS FEELING AND HARNESS THE TRAGEDYYYY" stuff is "bullshit" (another of his favorite words XD).

- This kid Andy in Th11 is, like, "GO BIG OR GO HOME" or something, and the rest of us are all like, "...this is Day 1, man; we're still doing 'Pretend you're walking on hot sand.'" XD

- I actually had a voluntary social interaction today, you guys. You should be PROUD. Jon from last year commutes from... I forget what city, someplace a few subway stops down, and my apartment is right by the station, so he and I walked a good half or three-quarters of a mile together, and I maintained smalltalk. ...about things like frozen yogurt and not sleeping enough. XD But it was nice, 'cause Jon is a cool guy, and talking to people who are cool makes me feel like I might someday be able to make friends if I have to. And by "someday," I mean "possibly this time next year." XD

- I am still slaving over Swedish homework. I slaved over it during my lunch half-hour today. It was slavish. *enslaved* XD

- Speaking of homework, that's what I spent most of Sunday doing. Which is why I didn't post. All I really did was read The Trojan Women (Euripedes) and half of Utopia (More). ...not for the same class. Though that would be kind of awesome. XD

- You know how I was all worried that a bunch of the people in my Dystopia seminar would be know-it-all English major types? Well, GUESS WHO TALKED MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE over the course of the hour and a half? XDDDDD ...plz to be shooting me orz. XD

- Then I came home and did... more homework.


I'm making slow progress on the "Chocolate" chapter. But it's halfway-decent progress, or so I'd like to think, which I suppose is better than... the alternative. XD'

Anyone who complains about a late update will be slaughtered in the most creative and unpleasant way I can think of, and believe me, I'm good at those. 8D

Uuuuummmm... yeah. Tomorrow I'll go grill my Creative Writing teacher and then try to start bouncing ideas around. I've got to write something totally awesome, you guys, because the short stories we read for homework ("Tell Him About Brother John" by Manuel Muñoz and "Wildwood" by Junot Díaz if anyone's familiar with the Pen/O. Henry winnarz for 2009... and yes, "Pen/O" always fucks with me; damn my filthy, filthy, filthy mind XD) were actually really good. Plus after "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" the other day (and talking about it incessantly in class)... MAN, I gotta dig up some awesome shit. Which is much harder to do when I can't make anything up, because of the psychological realism thing.

To HELL with psychological realism, srs. XD

...except that HELL might not even COUNT as psychological realism, because I'm not allowed to force the reader to believe in it. THOSE BASTARDS, they've walled me in from every side. XD'

Maybe I should write something really graphic, gory, and sexual just to make everybody squirm. XDDDD

Yeah, my head hurts. XD

Uhh, anyhoo... yeah. I guess the biggest revelations I've had lately are that (a) taking five classes and undertaking to do grad school applications the same semester was a distinctly bad idea; and (b) I nonetheless think that I can actually pull this off.

Provided that I practice great efficiency and squander less time with unprofitable pursuits that don't really do me much good.

Like writing really long, boring LJ en

Feeling: exhaustedexhausted
Rex: grrrricequeenrex on September 1st, 2009 10:02 am (UTC)
I totally think you should put in that original fic of yours, Strike simply because I think that ought to grab that dude's attention. XD

Also, Swedish sounds like fun! :D

And lol, if I knew growing up would be this hard, I would've grabbed Tinkerbell, sprinkled some pixie dust on myself and flew to Neverland when I was twelve. XD Okay, maybe like sixteen since that was an awesome year XD

Voluntary interaction ftw!!! \o/ See how awesome you are?? 8D *cheers for you*

Also, I find your Th11 teacher totally hilarious. ;D

Fun teachers are always welcome. :D
Vitamin C: Misatierfal on September 1st, 2009 07:39 pm (UTC)
I've really considered that -- and I was thinking about Craft, too -- but I'm thinking I'll try to write something completely new. And just make it really... insane. XD

It's fun, though my brain is like, "Why are you making me pay attention for an entire hour at a time?", and I'm like, "Because we HAVE TO to be able to understand this!" XD

SRS. I think I might've gone off after high school. XD I mean, I've learned a lot and become a better person since starting college, but... the price is... ajfkdsjl. XD

*\o/* XD I was a bit impressed with myself. 8DDDD

He's a bit out-there, lol. And like SUPAR-SRS about acting...? XDD

They are the bestest. :3
Rex: DN - Matt + Rainbowicequeenrex on September 2nd, 2009 06:12 am (UTC)
Insane is always good. :D

*nods sagely* I've learnt a lot but, uh, there are things/events that I could have gone without. XD