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Why am I tempted to title every entry "lolwut"?

This might be a positive reflection on the state of my life, come to think of it.

ALSO, a very Swedish 1 Hej and welcome to rubbersoul1967, who just made herself way easier to art-stalk whom I admire very much. *___*

I should be going to bed starting... five minutes ago. OOPS. XD

Umm, the most exciting things that happened to me today:

1. NO SUPERNATURAL REALISM FOR YOU, sez my 143 teacher. Well, the hell with him (okay, not really, I like him well enough XD); I spent considerable portions of the time he was lecturing figuring out how to write something with guns and cigarettes.

o hai Death Note influence. :D

I actually randomly typed up the first few paragraphs, but it's full of "[ ]"s, because I didn't name either of the characters and couldn't think of a book I wanted in one spot. XD'

2. When I was walking to Greek Religion, this guy I have NEVER met in my life stopped me and was like, "Did you go to [my hometown high school]?" And I was like, "*stare* ...yeah, I did...", and he went on to tell me that he was a guy whose name I'd heard on the announcements all the time, then that he'd recognized me from seeing me around school, and then he asked if I was eltea's friend. Which. Y'know. Is the purpose of my existence and all. XD


Well, he was really nice, so hopefully I sent him in the right direction towards the building he wanted. XD'

3. Between lecture hall seats, stress, and sleeping funny last night, I think the muscles in my back have converged into one big knot. XD YAY. XD

That's pretty much all I got. XD Except that icequeenrex, I'll hopefully be able to post your damn Adrian and Jethro requesty thing. It's, like, four thousand words long. And has been beta'd, but I need to tweak a couple things. XD''''

What was the other thing.

I have no idea. XD Uhh, I wrote sketchy fic in class again, and it was fun? XD

Damn it, this semester was a Bad Idea. XD

It's really lucky that the weather's been so nice, and I've been listening to Mika in the mornings and generally feeling like everything's sunshiny. Because I'm pretty sure it's all going to go down in flames when I get to a couple days before the GRE and have to relearn math. I presage an epic "OH SNAP." XD

For now... back on the subject of DN fic (fff what else do I ever talk about?), there is moar Gevanni/Near: A Train and a Tangle. That's the one I wrote in June, a million years ago when I was free and had my whole summer lying ahead of me like a field of wildflowers. XD'

I'm still not entirely happy with the ending, but if I didn't post it today, it would rot on my computer for the rest of my life, and I really do like the first three-quarters. XD

OH YEAH. I finished the last chapter of Chocolate today. I just need to... edit... and post... and... deal with the empty-nest syndrome. XD

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