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Today was great. :3

Somebody who has an unhealthy (for both of us, I think, haha XD) habit of SPOILING ME ROTTEN went and renewed my LJ sub, for starters. Then my mom called to tell me that a package from the same Somebody had arrived at my house.


To ALL of you who have left me lovely, lovely birthday wishes that made me go all giddy-happy today...

TRUFAX. You guys are the best. ♥

Also, it's your job to bitchslap me if I ever get annoyed with my roommate, because she made me cake.


Baaaaasically... I haven't started sobbing "God, I'm old!" all day (which, given the amount of things I meant to accomplish by twenty, is a pretty amazing thing), and I pretty much attribute it entirely to you all being wonderful. ♥

Fuuuu, but it's late already. XD

Sometime when I'm not still on a birthday high, I'll ramble properly about my Creative Writing class story, which... benefited greatly from having the first section cut out last night, but has since been wobbling forward in directions I'm not sure I like. I sense a love/hate relationship of epic proportions. XD'

In more pertinent news, I wrote more Whofic, because I did. XD I would pretend that this drabble isn't an unabashed editorial on "The Girl in the Fireplace," but you know better than to believe me anyway. :D

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