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So, as many of you know, it's the birthday of two vry vry wonderful friends of mine today -- marmaladefever *AND* richelle2972! :D

Unfortunately I suck too much to have anything for you lovely girls in advance, but that means you can each throw me a fandom, a pairing, and a prompt, and I will attempt to work some magic in the relatively near future. :)


This is the OMGSQUEE ♥ part now, because I came home today and had THREE MORE PRESENTS on my desk. :3

Good God, I'm spoiled; my birthday has lasted two full weeks now, since it started a little early. XDDD

teenelizabeth -- Aww, thank you so much, hon!! :3 I shall nom it at a critical moment. And I love the card, haha! ♥

sabriel75 -- O. M. GEEEEEEEEE. That is going straight up on my wall when I get back to school -- it is AMAZING! Thank you so much!! ♥

jenwyrn -- Heeeee, it does not surprise me at all that you were big on fairies as a kid. :3 I was, too; that's why I wrote really bad, really long epic novels about them! And omg L and Matsuda so darned cute I want to cuddle them. Thank you, bb!! ♥

You guys are all just too flipping generous; I don't know what to do with you. :3 Other than send you virtual huggings, of course. ^^

...this part is totally random, but I saw this yesterday morning and took a very blurry cell phone picture:

It's tough to read, but it says "REX Key and Security," so I had to get a picture. 8D

Other than that... uhhh, wtf, my regular computer is working fine again now that I'm back at home. The hell? XD We're theorizing that it almost has to be something related to the wireless internet at school, because that's the only variable that's changed. If anybody has any ideas, I would be down to hear them (though I'm getting so attached to the Mac -- and now it has so many of my files on it, haha XD -- that I'm sort of like W/E. XD

My stepdad's verdict: "I think it's possessed. Let's call Sam Winchester. I think this laptop is from Warehouse 13."

Not long after that, as I was keeping an eye on my brother, I asked, "Can I go to the bathroom real quick?", and my mom said, "Yes," and he said, "No. Take your time."

...this is why I come home so much, lol. XD'

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