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/so beat that I'm only updating so that I don't have to play catch-up tomorrow


Today really didn't let up. XD

9:10-10 -- Swedish, yo. Or jo. Uh. Yes, my sense of humor deteriorates as the night progresses.

10:10-10:30 -- We get scenes in Theater 11. SCENES. And Chris the Prof is kind enough to announce that we should be as off-book and polished as possible ("Just perform through as much of it as you can") by next Wednesday. This is fucking Sparta-quality madness, you guys. Especially with all the shit I have to get done by this weekend.


10:30-11 -- My partner, Joseph, and I look through our scene. The play is Problem Child. He gets to grab my shoulders and yell "Are you fucking out of your mind?", and I get to yell back, "Yes! Yes, I'm out of my mind!", and shit like this. XD Then we go and make copies of it and agree to meet later to run it a few times.

11-11:20 -- Walk back from school.

11:20-11:50 -- Read Problem Child. My character is an ex-crackhead who briefly turned to prostitution while her husband was in prison. He's out now and trying to make a better person of himself, especially since a social worker took away their baby daughter. In Joseph's and my scene, Denise (me) tells R.J. (Joseph) about how Helen the Social Worker slipped in their bathroom while she and Denise were arguing and hit her head on the toilet. She then tells R.J. about how she and Phillie (the hotel janitor) buried Helen's body out behind the hotel.

I shit you not. XD'

11:50-1 -- Lunch, Swedish homework, and a quick phone call from eltea, kind of interspersed/all at once/all over the place.

1-1:30 -- Walk back to school.

1:30-3 -- My English seminar. Brave New World still. Tomorrow I need to finish the book and write a quasi-intelligent forum post about it, or I will go down in flames. We talked about Shakespeare a little, though, because it's John the Savage's Bible, for all intents and purposes. Interesting stuff. I'm still one of the few people that is willing to break "What do you think?" silences in that class, and today the teacher picked up on it and asked why so many people were so quiet. I felt smug. /snob

3-3:30 -- Walk home again. (Jiggedy-jig.)

3:30-4:45 -- A round-trip to Safeway, because I was running out of food. Yay for spending more money than I'd like to for basic needs.

4:45-5:15 -- Read "An Ordinary Soldier of the Queen," a pretty good short story (and prize-winner) from our short story book. I am now really pissed off at my teacher, though, because that was not fucking psychological realism kfuckingthnx. :D Eat candy and spoil my dinner because I want to.

5:15-5:35 -- Walk back to school to meet Joseph to rehearse.

5:35-5:45 -- Read the essays in the back about "Ordinary Soldier."

5:45-6:45 -- Read the scene. Analyze the scene. Analyze the beats. Read the scene again. Stand up and read the scene with some very rudimentary blocking.

6:45-7:05 -- Walk home again.

7:05-now -- Make dinner. Eat dinner. Hang out in the kitchen while my roommate sleeps/talks on the phone/does stuff/makes tea. Talk to eltea on the phone for an hour and forty minutes. Catch up with the internet. Print out Creative Writing critiques for tomorrow. Slowly run out of battery. XD

And now I really ought to go die in bed before I pass out on the floor somewhere. XD

Pff, fortunately loling with my roommates about the fact that I've been recruited to be a Surprise Party Distraction, which is just a really bad idea in every possible way has made me feel a little better about how stupidly stressed I am about the whole thing, /fail. This week just... fails, on the whole.

DON'T WORRY; I'M EATING CHOCOLATE RIGHT NOW which will mean I won't be able to get to sleep and will wake up exhausted again like I did this morning because my brain kept wanting to check if it was morning.


You know, the irony is that I posted to another forum earlier talking about how LJ has given me so much perspective on my life and made my problems seem smaller. LOL GOOD JOKE, ME.

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