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I'm not actually here

....because I'm obviously doing my homework right now.

Or editing my Statement of Academic Purpose. Or emailing all the schools I need to check shit with. Or getting ahead before the nightmare that is tomorrow begins. Or something helpful.

Instead of informing you that there wasn't time for our scene in Theater 11 today, and holy CRAP we got off easy, because every damn one of the others was insane in some way; lolololol after those, I totally ship some of the people in my class, shhhh, particularly the two girls who were playing housewives-turned-lesbians and the Korean guy and the Russian girl (he's adorable, especially babbling about the entire plot of the movie "Alien" in the scene, and she's always been pretty hot; I had a dream where she was a model once, don't ask me ask my subconscious); seriously, how many one-night stand scenes ARE there in the theatrical canon of English literature?; okay, okay, that's all good and well coming from a girl who's written like six one-night-stand fics; also, my internet failed me earlier, and now iChat won't work, and the whole thing frustrated me intensely, and AIM Express is as crappy as ever, but meh.

Anyway, my evening was salvaged by eltea distracting me from things I should be doing (and I do mean that in the best possible way :3) and by missusjackson, who wrote me an A-MA-ZING fic about Remus and Sirius that you should reeeeeead -- Going to Pasalacqua; it's cute and hilarious and really poignant in all the right places. ajklfdsjkl yay. x3

Fffffffff. Okay. XD Hopefully I'll be more fun tomorrow. :|

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