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First, and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the ever-so-wonderful teenelizabeth! :D Your awesomeness knows no bounds, which is why I can't find the words to describe it adequately. ♥ Suffice to say you're loving, you're generous, and you write excellent poetry. 8D Hope you had a downright fantasmic twenty-first, and if you show me a fandom, a pairing, and a prompt, I will show you a birthday drabble just as soon as I finish killing some plotbunnies and nailing their hides to the barn door as a warning to the others. ^^

In Me News, I knew today was going to be awesome at 9:40 AM.

That's when my Swedish teacher told us how it had been a holiday in Sweden yesterday and pulled out a bag of cinnamon buns for us. 8D

Then we played Pictionary on the chalkboard. :D

After that, Joseph and I got our critique in Theater 11, and, as expected, Prof Chris wanted MOAR MOAR MOAR, but he said that I did really good work with my two big monologues, which made me unbearably happy. :3

Aaaaannnnddd... yeah. If you see

Student, talking about the protagonist of 1984: He's the last of a dying breed. He's like the unicorn of this little world--

Teacher, already laughing: A unicorn in a snowglobe...

show up on Overheard Everywhere, you know who to thank/blame. XD, I don't get it either. XD

Buuuuut... my Creative Writing story is due two days later than I thought it was! REJOICE! 8D

Also, on my way to the bus stop en route to Safeway, I saw David Tennant's face in the window of the bookstore at the corner. Yes, fangirls have a sixth sense for these things.

C'mon, you would've noticed, too. XD

In any case, I got all excited and resolved to go check that book out tomorrow, because it looked damn shiny. But, as luck would have it, when I glanced at it on my way back from Safeway, I noticed that there was only one copy other than the display one.


Accordingly, I went home, jammed all my food and shit in the fridge, and then immediately went back to the bookstore to look at it.

Now you can look at it, too. And at my unattractive hands.

So I'm paging through this book in the store, going "Well, it's kind of a kids' book, but I guess it's pretty cool." It's one of those PLAY WITH ME! sorts of books, and it does work as a bit of an encyclopedia for the different episodes -- on the "42" page, for instance, you can guide their ship across the sun:

And you can run the countdown to them getting fried:

On the "Smith and Jones" page, you pull out the tab to lower the Juddoon spaceship, and it gives you more information, see? 8D

At this point -- and I can only read two thirds of it, because the other pages spoil episodes from Series 4 XD -- I'm like, "Well, okay, this is fun, and cute, and pretty innovative, but do I really want to spend ten dollars on it?"

And then I turned to the last page.

And saw the POP-UP TARDIS.

Then I bought it. XD

There's a Time Travels one, too, apparently. I MUST FIND IT. New project. :|||||

In any case... I then picked up another gem:

Your eyes do not deceive you: The Manga Edition of Hamlet. XDDD

There was also another version that was, like, SUPAR-ANIMANGA-STYLE, in which Hamlet had blond hair with one lock of his bangs really dark, and everybody was super-super-bishie, and there was lots of negative space, but I liked this one better. XD

I was paging through it, laughing to myself a LOT, but the clincher was when I got to the "Get thee to a nunnery" argument with Ophelia.

For some reason, when she's trying to give his tokens back, she shoves this rosary at him, and it goes FWIP and cuts his eye. Blood goes everywhere, and it's all like AAAAHHH, and he delivers a few more lines in iambic pentameter, and that's all nice. Then next scene, he's got one normal eye, and one black-bloody-DEMON-eye, and I'm like, ".....o... m... GWTFLOL," and... you get the idea. XD

Then, when the players arrive, he comes back with this pimpin' pirate eyepatch, and... yes, I bought it. XD

Horatio is the Indian guy. I have no idea why he's Indian. You would be, too, if you were Horatio in the Manga Edition of Hamlet. Don't ask questions. XD


...then I finally sat down and did my homework. lulz. XD

Aaaaand now I need to go type up fic. Why oh why oh why do I keep adding progressively more characters to "The Hunt"'s peculiar AU. XD THIS FIC IS GOING TO BE A MILLION WORDS LONG THE DEATH OF ME.

<(^_^<) (>^_^)> <(^_^<) (>^_^)>

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