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Today was... not very exciting. XD My Creative Writing professor nixed my story idea, because apparently "seven days after the Apocalypse" is not psychological realism, because it forces the reader to believe that the Apocalypse could occur at any second.

Like.... NOW.


...HOW ABOUT okay fine I get it.

The most exciting thing I did today was writing a sonnet to David Tennant's hair trying to help eltea with her homework.

Protruding from the head of one so wise,
All brown and spiky and out of control,
It draws attention and all viewers' eyes--
My God, that man's hair must have its own soul!
It's certainly possessed, at any rate,
And rivals in finesse his choice of shoe;
It also puts the fangirls in a state
(Not that that's something very hard to do).
It's fitting for the Doctor, I admit,
A force of nature all upon its own;
With lakes of gel required for taming it,
Which I think strikes a quite inspiring tone.
Oh, Tennant's hair! I do admire it so!
(...and fear that it will conquer Tokyo...)


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