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I did stuff. :|

Saturdaaaayyyy... I got up reallyfriggingearly and went to go take the GRE. It was traumatizing. First of all, you know how they said there would be signs? Yeah. I didn't see any damn signs. I saw one sign on my way out, on a wall of the building that I hadn't even been facing on my way in. Just an 8" by 11" piece of paper with "GRE" and an arrow. Y'know. Lots of signs. Very effective. Didn't end up with me going halfway around the school and starting to panic before following a bunch of people aaaaaallllll the way back around, then having to (a) identify and (b) forge my way through a massive crowd of kids taking the SAT at the same time. Nah. None of that. XD'

Oh, and they certainly didn't leave us all standing outside in the foggy-cold until 8:45 when the test was supposed to start at 8:30. Because that would be lame. And then they CERTAINLY didn't scuff their feet and do dumb administrative procrastinating things until well after nine. And they certainly didn't have a completely nonsensical rule that once you're into the last half-hour of the test, you're not allowed to leave -- you can any time before then, but not in the last half-hour. That makes a lot of sense.

ANYWAY... other than that... I guess it wasn't too bad. XD' It was a little better than the practice test, at any rate. Slightly. Sorta. XD' And there was one question that asked about a Midsummer allusion, so that made me happy. XD

Ummmmm... then I talked to eltea for, like, evarrrr. And went to Walgreens and got more Swedish Fish.

/this is very important

Then that evening I went and saw "Dead Boys," because I had to for Theater 11, and it was actually very good. It was a musical, which I gather started out as a sort-of-idea that the director(s?) had, which they collaborated with the cast to develop. And the music actually wasn't all that great, but it was okay, and the singing wasn't always all that great, but I very much forgave them, because it was clear that they'd cast the parts according to acting ability rather than singing ability, which, for a play that favored the dialogue more than the music, was a really, really good idea. Especially since a fair amount of the dialogue, especially towards the beginning before I kind of settled into it, was so hyper-intellectual that it sounded really awkward. (I'm talking, like, "I can see the contempt in your eyes, and it hurts." No, really. XD When was the last time you said "contempt" to someone during an argument? Eh? Eh? XD *begin editorial*, but dialogue is my thing, and I work really hard at striking a balance between what's clever, quick, and funny, and what's too clever. The key to really excellent dialogue is making it sound better than actual speech, which is riddled with filler and weak vocabulary, but not sacrificing plausibility. It has to mimic real language, but be smoother. That's really the key.)

....right, the play. XD'

It was fun! It was funny! It was set in San Francisco and had a too-smart-for-his-own-good gay male protagonist, and that totally biased me in its favor! Yes, I really am that predictable! XD

Aaaaaanyhoo, today, I wrote a six-page paper on 1984. Well, first, I wrote 785 words of "The Hunt," because I didn't want to write a six-page paper on 1984. XD But it was a pretty crucial scene (which I had started writing at intermission during the play... yes, I really am that predictable XD), and I think it turned out all right.

Though I was noticing last night that the first chapter of the fic is WAY more elegantly-written than the second. OTL. Oh, well. XD Maybe no one will notice.

Uhhhh, only other news is that I need to write all but three hundred words of a romantic-comedy-murder-mystery in... three days. That'll be fun. XD'


Maybe I should ditch that idea, too, and write something else; it isn't moving very fast, and I have ZERO faith in my ability to invent mystery plots. XD

...I will stop wasting bandwidth now. XD

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