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Dear Subconscious: Where do you get your fine cocaine?

Apparently, my unconscious mind believes that Australia is a land of craggy scenery where herds of migratory wildebeest roam.

Sadly, my memory is crap, so I don't remember all that much of my cracked-out dream sequence, but first, I was going to visit jenwryn with my brother and my sister, and I think my mom as well. We were taking a train that looked suspiciously like one of the ones I'll be taking tomorrow, and we had all sorts of problems with not having tickets, the doors closing too fast, not being able to get off at our stop, etc. That part makes subconscious sense, at least. The fact that we were trying to get across the Pacific Ocean on a train is not quite so logical. XD

Anyway, possibly because we missed our stop and epic failed (though I think jenwryn and her brother somehow tracked us down on the train? I forget), not long later, eltea and I decided to try again. We took a plane this time, and after a remarkably short trip, made it to Sydney, hooray! :D

...then jenwryn's mother met us, and we commenced a trek on foot to where they live. :P Rest assured that jenwryn does not actually live out in the middle of granite-cliff-ridden mountains with herd animals meandering to and fro across the Lord-of-the-Ringsy landscape.

At least, not judging by the pictures. XD'

Anyway, I woke up and realized that I had neither jenwryn NOR eltea easily accessible and felt lonely. :(

But then I talked to eltea online instead of getting a head-start walking to class and felt better. XD

Dear Subconscious:, seriously? I watched all that Discovery Channel as a child for... what, exactly?


Dear eltea: time I do something totally bizarre in a dream, just take me by the dream-shoulders and dream-shake me. XD

In other news...

MLIA pick. I can actually verify this one -- we had a Clapper that my stepdad got at a white elephant gift exchange for a while, and we kept it on top of a low cabinet. Every time someone shut the cabinet door, the light went out. XD

ajkfdjslfsd this song. *luffs*

Umm... Never Let Me Go is a really strange book so far.

Also, tomorrow, I'm jetting off to eltea's again, so... expect the first chapter of "The Hunt" (I FOUND A WAY TO GET A CHARACTER I WANTED TO INTO CHAPTER FIVE HAHAHA I WIN) and Halloween costume pictures Saturday, but other than that, I'll catch up with you guys properly on Sunday when I get back. :)

I think I'm postponing my Whopost until next week. Plz to be bearing with me plz? XD postponing a post lol. I didn't even do that on purpose. XDDD

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