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The Adventures of Tierfal and Stockholm John

But first... I ♥ veterans and current members of the armed services. They have my gratitude and respect. ♥

And I do not ♥ Yahoo! articles that remark, "You might not know why Veterans Day is on the eleventh... but there was this war once, and then there was this thing called Armistice Day!" really? People should not be allowed to graduate high school if they don't know about flipping WORLD WAR I.


Anyway... turns out Stockholm John has really good taste in tourist activities. He wants to walk around the Gamla Stan, for instance:

And he wants to go by boat to the skärgården, a.k.a. the Stockholm archipelago. He also wants to canoe... or kayak... or something around the Djurgårdsbrunnskanalen. Wow, Swedish; wow. Broken up, that word means "the house-yard-place-canal." I shit you not. XD

He also wants to check out Drottningholm Palace.

And I don't blame him.

He also wants to go to Jazzfestivalen (lol I wonder what THAT word means...??), which is on Skeppsholmen. Y'know, that island in the middle of the city.

So... who's coming with me to Sweden as soon as humanly possible? HANDS UP.

The rest of my adventures were solitary and not so exciting. I did a lot of homework. I walked up to school to drop off the Letter Service forms in the English Department mail slot, hoping they'll get duly conveyed to Professor Altman's box by noon tomorrow, by which time I promised they'd be there. Did more homework. Moped a little.

Discovered that when they say "resurface the concrete outside your apartment," what they mean is "transport some of the Sahara to you for your convenience."

- it's much more orange than my crappy cell phone camera wanted to convey
- my first thought was honestly "Welcome to the desert of the real"
- I obviously did not try to step on all the uneven parts to leave footprints, because that would be passive-aggressive and counter-productive, and I am a good person

...anyway... there are still a lot of un-angrily-scribbled-out items on my To-Do list. Ffff.

...okay, I lied; I always put one line through them, unless the pen's uncooperative. I'M SORRY. ;__;

Also. I = dork. Not that you didn't know that backwards, forwards, and sideways.

Sample this RP: pretty much the usual, then.

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