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Ummm, my roommates and two high school friends and I had a totally-super-awesome pre-Thanksgiving last night. It was excellentastic; we had chicken and mashed potatoes and fried rice and corn and homemade salsa and salad and then cookies and ice cream and a fruit plate and amazing pumpkin bread. MAN, I ATE SO MUCH. :D Good practice stretching my stomach out for real!Thanksgiving next week. XD

I pity my international darlings who don't have a holiday dedicated to being happy about your life and then eating until you think you're going to blow up. ;_____;

Anyway, there were a lot of card games and a lot of fits of hysterical laughter, and it was all very enjoyable. :D

While we were doing the cooking, though, and while I was 'supervising' (i.e. making lame jokes while people had knives in their hands :D), there was a constant hum of news helicopters.

Becauuuuse... the regents passed the bill raising the fees thirty percent, and people are pissed.

Remember how UCLA students took over one of their buildings Thursday? Not to be outdone, some of our students invaded Wheeler Hall, the English building. There's a really striking series of pictures, too, which is just surreal to me -- I walk by these places multiple times daily, and I have tons of classes in Wheeler, which is also where all the English professors' offices are. Looking at familiar facades in this context is just bizarre.

Though they mislabeled the fourteenth one; that's actually Dwinelle Hall, the Monster Building where students get lost and die.

The Dean kept sending out emails all afternoon updating us on the status, and professors and police were trying to coax the kids out starting at 5 PM or so. The 10:58 email started like this:

The Wheeler Hall protest ended peacefully this evening when 40 protestors who had occupied the second floor of the building were cited for trespassing by UC Berkeley Police and released.

I'm really ambivalent about all of this -- I completely support the idea; nobody should take this bullshit sitting down. But throwing a tantrum and acting like militants just isn't the way to solve the problem, and, like one of my professors was saying Thursday, you can't reject staff layoffs and fee hikes -- you can't have it both ways. The money has to come from somewhere. Sorry; that's the way it is.

Honestly, building takeovers are exciting as hell, as is having your class interrupted periodically by wild yelling and cheering outside. (My Swedish teacher, who was part of the protesting on Wednesday, told us Friday that anybody who wanted to to go out and join them should. Nobody left, though because she's adorable and has the greatest giggle in the known universe. Plus we were learning about object pronouns.)

I admire the dedication and tenacity of the people who stood out there when it was pouring rain at noon yesterday, refusing to back down, but I really don't think picking fights with the police, preventing 3,800 students from going to classes in Wheeler, deliberately pulling fire alarms in other buildings, and generally pitching a fit is the way to prove to the regents -- and, more importantly, to Sacramento, where they make the laws -- that we deserve the money at all. We're supposed to be some of the brightest students in the country; is forming mobs and taking property hostage the best we can do?

I'm positive I'm going to get shit for my Facebook status to this effect, but I'm ready for it.

It's hard for me to tell myself I sympathize properly, though, because I know very well that I'm not going to be here when the axe falls. Next year, if all goes well, I'll be living on a stipend, and I won't be paying any fees -- and even if that doesn't pan out, I won't be at Berkeley anymore, and I won't have to find some source to pay ten-thousand-dollar fees. I'm disconnected, so I'm not angry enough. It's easy for me to say "Quit bitching and start voting" when I'm not going to have to cough up the difference.

Anyway... THAT'S A TOTAL DOWNER. O_o It's also the only thing anybody's talking about around here, for obvious reasons...

On the upside, YOU GUYS YOU GUYS in Theater 11 on Friday, we did our final performances of the monologues, and, for the first time in pretty much ever, I didn't drop a line. I said everything that was on the damn page. 8D Admittedly, I got stuck once and had one of those three-second pauses that seems like forever to me, but which nobody else notices at all, but it was the line I always trip over, and I snapped it back a lot faster than I usually do.

And I think the acting didn't suck that much. Which is important when you're eight-five percent focused on getting the stupid lines and barely remember that you're supposed to be acting at all. XD I haven't gotten the critique yet, though, so I guess we'll see. XD

And Jon and I have to do our scene on Monday. FFFFFFFFFFFF. Though if I drag eltea to rehearsal Sunday, at least we'll have a test audience first. XD

Two and a half more school days, and I get to go home for Thanksgiving.

...and fill out at least one -- and, if possible, two to four -- applications. OTL. XD

On that note, I should probably get back to my homework, shouldn't I. XD'

Man, I'm getting all inexplicably-cold-and-blah again. At least I have hormone imbalances to blame it on this time. And at least the massive mug of Ghirardelli hazelnut hot chocolate I just had helped a lot. :d

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