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This post is posing as a profile.

Don't be fooled.

[last updated: 09/15/2013]

…old profile went bye-bye.

The run-down:

RL Name: Cici (it's a nickname, but it's pretty much my identity, so that's how we roll)

Age: By the calendar, twenty-four. Mentally, emotionally, and sense-of-humorally, approximately fifteen. And probably male.

Home: Back in the San Francisco Bay Area after sojourning soulfully through Cardiff, Wales and London, England (taking "sojourning" to mean "staggering" and "soulfully" to mean "aimlessly") for most of 2012. In any case, being home means sitting between my eltea (BFF/wifey/sanity-savior) and my Fiancé (a.k.a. James, a.k.a. Cuddlebunny).

Qualifications: B.A. in English from a respected (read: expensive) university in Northern California. I'm actually a pretty typical (read: obnoxious) English major if you've ever met one of those horrible beasts. Currently finishing up an M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Cardiff Metropolitan University in order to be even more annoying. Finished it! With ~*~distinction~*~! Now I'm a little shit with letters after my name! \o/

Languages: English (OMG WHAT I KNOW). Some French. A tiny bit of Swedish that always ends up with French mixed in because the foreign language center of my brain is sadistic and/or confused (rather like the rest of me).

Sexual Preference: Somewhere my feet won't get too cold… wait, can you rephrase the question?

Historical Baby-Daddy: SHAKESPEARE. I would totally do him. And it would be amazing.

Music: My Chemical Romance, A.F.I., P!nk, Three Days Grace, The Cars, Pat Benatar, Cascada, Mika, Muse, Poets of the Fall, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Matchbox Twenty, Lady GaGa, Florence + the Machine, assorted J-pop from anime openings…

Fandoms: In the order they were discovered and abandoned
Harry Potter – the first, and perhaps the most worldview-altering. WHOA, I can change canon any way I want, and people all over the world can read about my bizarre daydreams…!
Death Note – the biggest, the best; the one that inspired me, that I identified with, that I lost myself in, that I loved so deeply I'm still fiercely protective of it even though I've mostly run out of things to say.
Merlin – my first BBC series, and we have had some good times. I still indulge. It is still my sworn duty to write some steamy Gwaine/Merlin, so I know I can't be finished with it yet.
Doctor Who – I cannot tell you how much I love this 'verse. The TARDIS is one of the most important symbols in my personal life. David Tennant and John Simm and John Barrowman and all of the female companions are just too smokin' hot not to write about at length. (If you know what I mean)
Torchwood – see "Doctor Who," only slightly darker, and with less ships and more guns.
Ouran High School Host Club – crack!show is so, so, so, harrowingly/heroin-ly full of wonders and of lulz.
Fullmetal Alchemist – …so you know how sometimes you come across something that just blows pretty much everything out of the water and brings your life to a grinding halt? Yeah, FMA is one of those things.

Other Things I Like But Don't Fandom-ize: "LIFE ON MARS" oh it's so beautiful I couldn't touch it with my nasty, filthy fandom hands. "White Collar." "Castle." The Bartimaeus Trilogy. A Series of Unfortunate Events. The Nightrunner Series (…well, the first three are ♥, anyway). "Deadwood"; "True Blood" (no, but really; it's everything Twilight would aspire to be if it was smart enough to want things); "Six Feet Under"; "Rome"; pretty much anything on HBO. eltea is trying to drag me into "Supernatural" now that we've blown through almost all of the existing canon, but I am doing my best to resist its gravity. XD

Deadly Sin of Choice: Sloth for the WIN. …except it's really not for the win; it's for the lie-around-and-fail. XD

Cardinal Sin of Choice: Being a total goddamn pervert all the time, about everything.

Other Favorite Sins: Cringe-worthy puns. Over-punctuation (see: English major). Caps lock until you want to break my keyboard in half. Coffeeeeeeeeee… and British tea. TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE, especially when I know better.

Warnings/What to Expect:
I whine a lot. Sometimes it's about things that are legitimately problematic, but usually not. I post a lot of pictures I take on my iPod, sometimes of funny stuff, usually just of… stuff. I generally post between one and three times a week, although I sometimes fake!post with a comment-lock (from work or otherwise inappropriately) when I haven't caught up with my F-list yet. On that note, I read all of the posts on my F-list, and I comment on almost all of them. If I have literally nothing to say – or if it's been a week since you posted before I have a chance to catch up, and you've already updated regarding the issue I would have commented on – then I won't, but usually I try to offer something relevant. ♥


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